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Glass Pipe - One Hitter

The prettiest Real Leaf glass pipe is the One Hitter in pink.

It comes in the shade of hot pink that looks classy and will still grasp your attention.

This pink 0.25 grams glass pipe is a lightweight, compact marijuana smoking pipe.

You want to have a quick session with your friends.

The glass hitter is the solution.

Or do you want to smoke at the office terrace with you pals?

Real Leaf One hitter is the best glass pipe to use when you want a discrete session.

Because it is so small the no one can guess that you are carrying it.

With the glass pipe, you can smoke anything herbal blend, marijuana, herbal tobacco blend.

The marijuana smoking experience gets magnified when you use the glass pipe.

The smoke in the glass pipe gets intensified and when you smoke it, you have a better smoking encounter. 

The best part is that it is a one-time investment.

You buy it once and you never have to spend a dime on buying the OCB paper, gogo roll.

In fact, you will never have to waste your time in rolling a joint once you start using a glass pipe.


How to load glass pipe One Hitter?

Now, you all have one question.

How do you load glass pipe - One HItter?

It is quite effortless.

You start with crushing your marijuana smoking blend or herbal blend.

Be 100% sure that the blend is smooth and has no coarse particles.

The coarse particles do not burn properly.

Once, the mix is smooth and consistent.

You can begin by filling the end of your pipe.

You will have to make sure that the mix is tightly packed or it will starts fling if you end up holding the pipe diagonally.

Well, it is ready to smoke. Now, you can sit with your friends and have a chilled out evening session without the worry of rolling.


How to clean a glass One Hitter

Get a plastic container, isopropyl alcohol, salt and warm water.

Put it all in the container.

Dip the bat of the glass pipe overnight to chuck the gunk out.

Once, everything is clear and residue settles down, clean the pipe with warm water.

A glass pipe is ready to go for one marijuana smoking session.

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Customer Reviews View on Amazon

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