Herbal Cigarettes From Smokable Herbs 4 packs kit

Herbal Cigarettes From Smokable Herbs 4 packs kit

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Enjoy the benefits of medicinal smokable herbs while reducing the nicotine dependcy!

The easiest, cheapest and most natural way to fulfill your desire to quit smoking.

Quit smoking with Herbal Cigarettes – use RealLeaf natural herbal cigarettes when quitting nicotine to satisfy your emotional need to smoke. .

72 hours – for nicotine to leave your body. Then the physical dependency gradually disappears.

Product Description

Herbal Cigarettes is a 100% additive-free herbal smoking blend that in a natural way can help you quit smoking tobacco addictive cigarettes.

About smokable herbs

Herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine-free and it's an easy way out of your harmful smoking habits.

Each pack is of different natural flavor, each one affecting your body in a different, non-addictive way!

In this mix kit, you will find 4 different packs of 20 cigarettes, each made of high-quality smokable herbs.

Types of herbal cigarettes

The common thing about herbal cigarettes its that all of them made out of herbs. From this point, we can find lots of differences between the herbs that herbal cigarettes contain, differences in the terpenes, and more.

You should investigate the smokable herbs you interested to smoke, to find out the influences and the best combinations.

*Smoking Damiana-  Stimulating herbal cigarettes

Real Leaf Herbal Cigarettes stimulating blend is based on a damiana herb.

Before 100 years damiana was used as an aprozodiac, in modern days can help you with nicotine addiction and/or elevate your smoking experience.

Besides arousing sexual passion, it has also been proven as a natural anti-depressant and revitalizer.

For those who are cannabis users: damiana is also an ingredient of smokable herbs with terpenes

Terpenes are in other words flavor particles, active cannabinoids that also affect the way you feel during your smoking experience.

In the case of smoking damiana terpenes, the effect will be subtle, elevated, and euphoric high.

Smoking Damiana may help you quit nicotine faster and without a struggle

*Smoking Mint- Refreshing herbal cigarettes

Real Leaf Herbal Cigarettes refreshing blend is based on the mint herb.

Smoking mint leaves improves blood-flow and calms nerves.

It is also cleansing for the lungs and respiratory tracts – thereby enabling easier breathing.

Smoking mint calms the nerves, so it is specifically good for helping users remain calm while they are in the beginning stages of quitting nicotine.

Smoking mint does not cause psychoactive effects but smoked with cannabis gives extra refreshing, uplifting, and energetic effects.

Try out smokable herbs with terpenes to enrich your smoking rituals.

* Smoking Chamomile - Relaxing natural herbal cigarettes

Real Leaf Herbal Cigarettes relaxing blend is based on chamomile herb.

Smoking Chamomile is used for relaxation and improving sleep for those suffering from anxiety and tension, as well as treating digestive disorders.

This potent herb can be used in tea, food, steam and also can be smoked.

Smoking Chamomile may assist you with:
  • lowering blood sugar
  • sleep and relaxation
  • cold symptoms
Herbal blends with terpenes contain dried chamomile buds in order to produce a calming effect when used with cannabis.


* Smoking Lavender- Sleep well nicotine-free herbal cigarettes

Real Leaf Herbal Cigarettes sleep well blend is based on the lavender herb.

Its use as a therapeutic medicinal herb has been described over the centuries, for it’s benefits to the digestive tract, headaches, nausea, sore throats, and as an antiseptic.

Smoking Lavender as a therapeutic medicinal herb has been described over the centuries, for its benefits in:

  • digestive tract
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • sore throats
  • antiseptic

Considering the primary effect that lavender is known for - is it’s incredible ability to reduce anxiety and stress - it makes sense that it’s also known to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

Smoking lavender is widely known to reduce insomnia by helping you drift into a peaceful sleep, more than that it can reduce agitation, as well as dementia. 

It happens that lavender and weed share in abundance a vital terpene, linalool.

Terpenes give substances their pungent aroma, but linalool is special when combined with THC and CBD due to its therapeutic properties.

According to all that information, you might on your own realize why you should try out smokable herbs while struggling with nicotine addiction.

To widen your knowledge about herbs and herbal cigarettes, read here more about 11 best smokable herbs to make your own herbal tobacco

Why You should give it a try?

Real Leaf Herbal Cigarettes offers an elevated smoking experience and a natural substitute for your nicotine cigarettes.

There are countless benefits you can find in smoking medicinal herbs instead of normal tobacco.

One of our main goals is to assist each user with quitting smoking nicotine products and switch to more healthy habits!

Investigating more about the power of herbs and following smokable herbs you will be able to improve the quality of your everyday life!

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