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What do you know about Native Cigarettes?

Native Cigarettes

Have you ever heard of native cigarettes? Does the idea of smoking all-natural cigarettes sound like a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes? If so, then you need to read along to understand what native cigarettes really are, how they compare to other nicotine-based cigarettes, and how organic cigarettes compare to native cigarettes.

What Are Native Cigarettes?

If you’re wondering what native cigarettes actually are, then you’re in luck. Native cigarettes are a brand of cheap cigarettes that are produced by Grand River Enterprises, which is found in the River Indian Reserve in Ontario, Canada.

Native cigarettes are claimed to be made from natural tobacco, which could mean that it’s produced organically. However, without an organic label, you can’t assume that native cigarettes are actually organic.

As far as native cigarette’s recognition - it’s not positive. This is because many states in the United States have sued or lodged a complaint with native cigarette manufacturers because they appear to be smuggled into the US illegally.

Furthermore, native cigarettes do not appear to be tested in any regard, and when they are, they test positive for contaminants and heavy metals. Although native cigarettes are priced significantly lower than traditional cigarette brands - do you think it’s worth your health?

How Are Native Cigarettes So Cheap?

Native cigarettes are incredibly cheap because they are not taxed. A lack of taxation automatically makes native cigarettes very cheap. However, this is because they benefit from being produced on an Indian Reservation.

The lack of taxation pushes vendors and smugglers to send native cigarettes towards the US border because they can still be sold for profit -- even at low prices.

In the end, native cigarettes represent cheap tobacco that’s proven to be unhealthy because of chemical contaminants and an abundance of nicotine.

Are Organic Herbal Cigarettes Better Than Native Cigarettes?

When you compare organic cigarettes with cheap native cigarettes, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Organic herbal cigarettes are in another league of quality because they undergo rigorous testing and quality control.

Natural cigarettes are made by wild-harvesting organic herbs that are grown in small farms. Herbs, such as lavender, mugwort, chamomile, mint, and others, all have beneficial compounds and are naturally nicotine-free.

Instead of getting a lungful of nicotine with native cigarettes, natural herbal cigarettes provide robust flavors that allow your body to heal from the abuse of nicotine addiction. Instead of needing another herbal cigarette, you’ll be able to choose when you quit.

If you’re ready to experience a completely new way of smoking, then herbal cigarettes are the cigarette alternative to choose when trying to quit smoking or if you’re looking for an organic and natural way to smoke.