Short Term Effects of Tobacco - Smoke Effect
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Stage Cigarettes Not Only On Stage
Short Term Effects of Tobacco - Smoke Effect
stage cigarettes by realleaf

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Stage Cigarettes Not Only On Stage

Stage Cigarettes Not Only On Stage

Stage Cigarettes

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Stage cigarettes are a much-needed prop when it comes to the entertainment industry.

Whether a stage cigarette is needed for a play or for a television series - new regulations do not want traditional cigarettes used; but rather, herbal cigarettes for film that do not contain nicotine.


stage cigarettes by realleaf

Stage Cigarettes changed a lot over the years, actors used to smoke real cigarettes on stage (smoking was allowed in public places, not only at stage but also in the cinema or theater).

Read along to understand what stage cigarettes are, who uses them, and why stage cigarettes are primarily made with herbal ingredients.

 What Are Stage Cigarettes?

Over the years, the definition of stage cigarettes has changed drastically. In the early years of Hollywood, most actors and actresses smoke real cigarettes - meaning cigarettes that are filled with tobacco.

During those years, most people believed that smoking cigarettes was normal and not harmful.

However, over the years, the entertainment industry has slowly transitioned over to stage cigarettes.

Stage cigarettes were made to look like a traditional cigarette, but instead, they weren’t filled with anything.

These were meant as stage props -  especially in plays that are not allowed to produce any smoke on-stage.

Ultimately, the problem with prop cigarettes, or stage cigarettes, was that it didn’t look real enough.

During the filming of a scene, how could directors make the scene seem real if the stage cigarette wasn’t actually being burned?

Although the entertainment industry wanted more realism, they weren’t willing to use traditional cigarettes.

However, the quandary remained, which was that producers and workers were not willing to smoke a stage cigarette that’s filled with nicotine-rich tobacco.

What Are Herbal Cigarettes

The answer that the entertainment found is to use nicotine free cigarettes as stage cigarettes.

Herbal cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes; however, they do not contain tobacco or nicotine.

Instead, they contain beneficial properties that are found from popular herbs, such as lavender, damiana, chamomile, mint, and others.

nicotine free cigarettes are used because they are not addictive, and they are realistic.

These are the two primary reasons why the entertainment industry has shifted in favor of smoking herbal cigarettes and herbal blends.


herbal cigarettes for film

When an actor or actress needs to smoke a cigarette for a scene, a stage cigarette that’s filled with herbs is used.

This way, the actor or actress isn’t exposed to harmful substances while filming.

The same situation applies to plays, which have actors and actresses performing a live scene in front of an audience.

Instead of producing second-hand smoke, a stage cigarette that’s filled with herbs is much better.

What’s the Difference Between Herbal Stage Cigarettes and Regular Herbal Cigarettes?

Ultimately, there is no substantial difference between herbal stage cigarettes and regular herbal cigarettes.

The primary difference between herbal cigarettes would be its ingredients. Some herbal blends are made from lavender, while others are made from mint.

As you can see - both of these are natural herbs; however, they do produce different effects, such as relaxation and stimulation.

The beauty of herbal cigarettes is that they can be used as a stage cigarette and as an herbal cigarette at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for a stage cigarette to enhance the realism of your play or you’re looking to quit smoking cigarettes - herbal cigarettes are the answer.


Finding Stage Cigarettes

Real Leaf specializes in herbal cigarettes that are tobacco and nicotine-free. Real Leaf is committed to helping individuals quit smoking while allowing them to do it on their own terms.

While herbal cigarettes are useful to the entertainment industry, herbal blends and herbal cigarettes are the perfect product to break the nicotine addiction cycle quickly and efficiently.

Take your addiction out today with the help of herbal cigarettes.