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Smoking THC Oil

When it comes to the most potent cannabis products on the market, nothing comes close to smoking THC oil.

Read along to understand what THC oil is, how it’s made, and why you should smoke THC oil with herbal blends.

Smoking THC oil has recently gained in popularity because of increased terpene concentration and sky-high THC percentages.

Before THC oil was available, the strongest cannabis strains available were capped at roughly 32% THC.

However, THC oil can contain upwards of 99% pure THC.

This is the revolutionary aspect of THC oil, which is why it’s quickly gained the attention of cannabis enthusiasts and regulators alike (albeit for different reasons).

Instead of requiring multiple hits from a cannabis pipe, smoking THC oil allows users to indulge in a single dose to feel substantial psychoactive effects.

Another reason and maybe the main one, why smoking thc oil became so popular, is the legalization that blooming all over the world.

If about a decade ago it was not possible to talk about oil as a cure for diseases, and cannabis is not considered legal in most countries around the world, today we are in a completely different situation.

thc oil

Vaping marijuana involves inhaling heated oil through a vaporizing device, often referred to as an e-cigarette

Cannabis oil has been accepted legally as an effective painkiller, and also as an effective remedy for depression.



The variety of cannabis oils increases from year to year according to the growth of the various cannabis strains that have been developed.

Thanks to the legalization of medicinal cannabis, more and more patients begin to receive prescriptions for cannabis thc oil.

It has been proven many times how smoking thc oil, and cbd oil as well helps patients with difficult seizures of epilepsy and Parkinson's.

As these are patients, smoking cannabis oil with tobacco is not recommended at all, and sometimes even forbidden.

Many patients encounter a problem because they don’t want to vape thc oil, however, they also do not interested to became nicotine addicted.

A great option for patients\ people who seeking for non-nicotine smoking experience is to smoke thc oil mixed with herbal smoking blends that do not contain nicotine, but instead, natural smokable herbs.

However, if smoking is not an option, then THC oil can be used with a vaporizer.

How is THC Oil Made?

When you are smoking THC oil, you’re smoking a concentration of THC.

This is made possible by a variety of extraction techniques that include butane and CO2 extraction.

However, due to regulations and health concerns, users who smoke THC oil are typically exposed to THC oil that’s produced by CO2 extraction machines.

The process of making THC oil consists of running CO2 through a large quantity of cannabis material, such as the flowers.

This raw extract is then refined to ensure that all residual chemicals are no longer present.

The primary reason behind CO2 extraction and THC oil concentrates is that CO2 is considered safe for the extraction process.

However, THC oil manufacturers must prove that their final THC oil product is free from residual chemicals to ensure the safety of consumers.

So, if you are smoking thc oil from a medical shop you have nothing to worry about, but if you are buying your oil in some dark alley then you should reconsider that idea.


thc oil

THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the high sensation.


How You Can Begin Smoking THC Oil

If you’re ready to smoke THC oil, then you’ll need a vaporizer or a dab rig. If you’re an on-the-go type, then a vaporizer will suffice.

However, if you enjoy smoking THC oil at home, then a dab rig will be your best option.

If smoking THC oil in a vaporizer, simply place the THC oil inside the chamber or cartridge.

Once the vaporizer reaches the preferred temperature, the THC oil will begin to vaporize.

If smoking THC oil in a dab rig, then you’ll need to heat the quartz “banger” with a high-level of heat from a miniature blowtorch.


how to smoke thc oil

heat the quartz “banger” with a high-level of heat from a miniature blowtorch.


Once red hot, place a small amount of THC oil on the banger with a titanium dab tool. This method is much more time consuming and has a certain level of danger.

Once ready, drop the THC oil on the banger and inhale. The result is a massive dose of highly concentrated THC smoke.

And as we will already explain, if you are prefer smoking thc oil in a nicotine-free joint, then you should mix your thc oil with an herbal smoking blend.



Can You Smoke THC Oil With Other Herbs?


Aside from smoking THC oil with dry cannabis flowers, you can smoke THC oil with herbal smoking blends.

By smoking THC oil with smokable herbs you can benefit from the natural properties found in herbs and cannabis.

The effects are incredibly complementary since herbal smoking blends offer relaxing and stress-relieving effects.

Furthermore, smoking blends do not contain nicotine, which makes them perfect for those that don’t want to consume tobacco-based products with their THC oil.

If you’re looking for a perfect herbal smoking blend to add while smoking THC oil, then herbal smoking blends enriched with terpenes are ideally suited for the task.

The natural terpenes enhance the overall flavor and effects of THC oil.

By using terpene e-liquids or terpene enhanced herbal smoking blends, you can have a more profound experience when smoking THC oil.



The main benefit of smoking thc oil is that this method breaks the blood-brain barrier in just 6-8 seconds.

Because of this, smoking thc oil is especially useful for temporary relief of acute conditions.

While smoking is not generally good for your health, occasional smoking of thc oil can relieve acute symptoms, and help one manage easier for the time being.

But again, there is no reason for you to smoke nicotine just because you are being treated with cannabis oil.

Find the most suitable tobacco substitute for you and do not succumb to the temptations of nicotine just because it is so easy to get.

Smoking thc oil with medicinal smokable herbs it’s the right choice.


smoking cannabis oil with tobacco is not recommended