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Smoking Accessories Online | 5 Must Essentials For Beginner

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Smoking Accessories Online | 5 Must Essentials For Beginner

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Smoking accessories can be found in every smoker's home, whether it a cigarette smoker or (medicinal) cannabis smoker.

The main reason why smoking accessories are so common is that they significantly improve the smoking experience.

I will explain it.

There are quite a few products that will make smoking (and rolling) experience much more, cleaner, simpler and, efficient.

Inexperienced smokers have not yet encountered a variety of faults that may occur during the joint rolling process;

It starts with blunt scissors and ends with you discovering that the King Size Rolling Papers are over;

(of course, you can create a KING SIZE from small rolling papers but as one that been there, done that, I'm not recommending).


smoking accessories for cannabis

Smoking accessories make the smoking experience much cleaner, easy and effective


So, that you do not have to improvise, and so, that God forbid you do not destroy the cannabis trichomes, we have collected for you the smoking accessories that every smoker must-have.

Of course, all the smoking accessories are also available online and you will not even have to leave the house so that everything you need will be on the way to you.

Join us as we dive into the essential smoking accessories online, such as herb grinders, rolling trays, rolling papers, and much more.

Smoking Accessories Online - The Grinder

The foundation of a great smoking experience comes from having the perfect grind setting for your natural herbs, such as cannabis.

How can you fine-tune the grind of your natural herbs?

The answer lies in one of the most sought after smoking accessories online - an herb grinder.

Herb grinders allow you to break down cannabis flowers to a manageable size, which you can then place into your pipe or roll into a joint or spliff for an enjoyable smoking experience.

Herb grinders allow your weed or herbal tobacco to burn evenly, which enhances the overall flavor and makes your herbs last longer.

Remember, without an herb grinder, you won’t be able to effectively use a pipe or roll a perfect joint or herbal cigarette.

As well there is a belief that breaking cannabis with your fingers into small pieces is equivalent to what a grinder can do, it is important that you understand why this belief is wrong.

Cannabis Trichomes:

Trichomes are small, sticky white hairs that cover the cannabis plant, and contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in the weed.

When you are touching a cannabis flower with bare hands, trichomes may stick to your fingers and thus you will reduce the effects of your cannabis.

cannabis trichomes

For marijuana consumers, trichomes primarily appreciated because they hold the compounds that are responsible for cannabis effects


Take care of your cannabis and use quality grinders that you can easily find in smoking accessories online shops.

Smoking Accessories Online - The Pipe

Once you’ve secured an herb grinder, it’s time to purchase another smoking accessory online - the pipe.

In general, pipes are ideal tools for smoking because they are portable, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use.

When it comes to cannabis pipes, nothing beats a traditional wood-carved pipe.

Wood-carved cannabis pipes are stylish and allow you to get a more natural flavor from your herbal tobacco or cannabis.

The main advantage of smoking cannabis in a pipe is that this way you can smoke pure cannabis and not mix it with (addicting) tobacco.

Many agree that a smoking pipe allows you a cleaner smoking experience.

Whether you’re on the go or you work from home - having a wooden pipe at the ready makes the smoking experience easier and cleaner.

Smoking Accessories Online - The Rolling Tray

When it’s time to roll a joint, spliff, or pack your pipe - you’re going to need a reliable rolling tray.

The rolling tray is a perfect smoking accessory because it allows you to have a smooth surface to place all of your smoking tools on.

You’ll find yourself, more often than not, needing to use a rolling tray for packing your pipes and rolling joints or spliffs.

The reason is that it’s much more convenient to neatly organize all of your tools in a single spot. In this case, a rolling tray can hold your herbs, grinder, rolling papers, or pipe.

So instead of scattering cannabis crumbs and smoking accessories everywhere, collect everything in one stylish rolling tray.

Smoking Accessories Online - The Rolling Paper

What would be your smoking experience without a high-quality rolling paper?

Rolling papers allow you to roll evenly-burning joints, spliffs, or herbal cigarettes.

rolling paper for cannabis

Rolling papers may contain different chemicals, check carefully whether the rolling papers you purchased are organic and unbleached


When purchasing smoking accessories online - always choose organic rolling papers or even terpene-infused cones.

Cones enriched with terpenes will allow you to enhance the effects of cannabis.

Studies have found in the last decade that combining terpenes with cannabinoids causes the entourage effect.

In simpler terms, cannabinoids (THC and CBD) have a better effect when they come in contact with terpenes.

The importance behind organic rolling papers stems from the fact that you actually smoke (inhale) the paper as well.

So I guess you would not want to inhale chemicals (chlorine and calcium carbonate) that are abundant in bleached rolling papers.

For Joints \ Spliffs Smokers:

Remember, tobacco contains nicotine and thousands of other chemicals.

Nicotine is an addictive substance, thus making your joint addictive and toxic.

You will find a wide variety of natural tobacco substitutes, for cannabis smokers, that based on herbs and enriched with natural terpenes.

Many cannabis patients consume cannabis through smoking because it is one of the fastest ways the substance crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Combining medicinal herbs with cannabis allows you to smoke and not to worry about nicotine addiction.

You can find a wide variety of herbal smoking blends that suits perfectly for spliffs.


Smoking Accessories Online - The Smell Proof Container

Last but not least is the glass smell proof container.

Once you’re done grinding your herbs, especially cannabis, you’ll want to put away your leftover herbs inside of a smell proof container.

You can find the best smoking accessories online, such as a smell proof container that’s made from high-quality glass.

Not only do glass smell proof containers keep others from smelling what’s inside, but they also keep your herbs fresh.

If you are living in a dry environment, with glass container you will never again have a smoking experience of dry herbal tobacco and cannabis.

If you are living in a humid environment, you as well have a good reason to purchase is a glass container.

Moisture is the enemy of your cannabis; as well, mold is dangerous to health, especially through smoking.

airtight cannabis container

Preserve your cannabis from all weathers with the help of airtight weed container


Purchase Your Smoking Accessories Online

When you’re ready to put together your smoking kit, then remember that is important to choose good quality products even if you purchasing your smoking accessories online.

You always can find the best deals when on reliable tobacco-free online retailers.

Once you’ve purchased your smoking accessories online, remember to contact the company through which you purchased to make sure that everything was done properly.