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Rolling Tobacco- Make Your Own (Herbal) Cigarette

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Rolling Tobacco

Rolling tobacco or "RYO" : roll-your-own is one of the most popular ways to smoke tobacco and has been around for countless years.

Rolling tobacco is created by blending loose-leaf tobacco together, which allows users to roll their own cigarettes, called rollies, roll-ups, burns or rolls. 

Read along to understand why rolling tobacco is so popular, what does it contain and what are rolling tobacco alternatives, such as herbal tobacco and smokable herbal blends.

rolling tobacco by real leaf

Did u know that tobacco products (mainly cigarettes) are the single-most traded item on the planet, with approximately 1 trillion being sold from country to country each year...?

What is Rolling Tobacco?

Rolling tobacco is loose-leaf tobacco that allows users to roll their own cigarettes.

When it comes to rolling tobacco, there are many different types and qualities that smokers can choose from.

There are flavored rolling tobacco products, along with rolling tobacco varieties that are produced on small-scale by artisanal farms.

One of the most notable rolling tobacco brand is American Spirit.

American Spirit isn’t an old company, but it did create a new wave of interest among rolling tobacco enthusiasts.

Another popular rolling tobacco company that you may have heard of is Bugler rolling tobacco.

Just as there are many brands of rolling tobacco, there are also many different types.

Not all rolling tobacco is created equal, which means that depending on the  brand that you choose -  the variety of tobacco, size, and flavor, and effects, will be different.

Some rolling tobacco brands market their product as full-bodied, robust, or balanced, all of which describe the tastes and effects after smoking their rolling tobacco.

Although there are various types of rolling tobacco - they all contain tobacco and nicotine.

Of course there are alternatives - nowadays you can get yourself out of nicotine addiction with herbal rolling tobacco.

Many of herbal blends are used by cannabis lovers to improve quality and effects of smoking weed.

Coming back to regular rolling tobacco:  nicotine content available is dependent on the variety of tobacco.

Furthermore, the size of the loose tobacco leaf plays a significant role in its ability to be rolled into a cigarette or not.

Large loose-leaf tobacco is known primarily for smoking pipes, whereas loose-leaf tobacco with a fine cut is preferable for rolling cigarettes.

alternatives to rolling tobacco by real leaf

Several active ingredients and special methods of production are involved in making sure the nicotine in a cigarette is many times more potent than that of a tobacco plant (on the photo: woman stainding in tobacco field)

What Else Can We Roll?

It’s not just tobacco that’s rolled into cigarettes.

Herbal blends, such as those made with natural herbs can be rolled into herbal cigarettes.

These are ideal for those who want to quit smoking since herbal blends don’t contain nicotine.

Aside from herbal smoking blends, cannabis is another popular herb to roll.

By using rolling papers or empty cigar wraps, joints and blunts can be rolled with cannabis.

One of the best and flavorful blends to roll is a mixture of weed and herbal tobacco, which offers an enjoyable experience without the detrimental effects of nicotine.

How Do Smokers Use Rolling Tobacco?

Rolling tobacco is typically used by rolling the loose-leaf tobacco into a cigarette with the help of rolling papers.

This allows smokers to add their own preferred amount of tobacco into each cigarette.

Furthermore, rolling tobacco is incredibly popular to mix with cannabis products, such as marijuana flowers and hashish.

In this case, when rolling tobacco and cannabis are mixed together, the end result is known as a spliff.

Is Rolling Tobacco Harmful?

Plain and simple answer is yes.

The primary reason why rolling tobacco is harmful is that it contains nicotine.

Nicotine, in any amount, is harmful because it eventually forces your body into a state of addiction. 

Even if you use less rolling tobacco in a cigarette or spliff, you’re still exposed to the addictive properties of nicotine.

Once you smoke rolling tobacco, it’s not a matter of if you’ll become addicted to nicotine - it’s when.

Therefore, although rolling tobacco does help to curb your tobacco intake, it still produces a form of nicotine addiction eventually.

Even if you can mix rolling tobacco with cannabis products, you’re still exposed to harmful levels of nicotine.

Lastly, flavored rolling tobacco products also enhance the chances of nicotine addiction due to the fruity flavors that mask the harsh taste while smoking.

Herbal Tobacco vs. Rolling Tobacco

herbal rolling tobacco by real leaf

As a alternative to harmful regular rolling tobacco we are happy to introduce You to smokable herbal blends (contains different herbs, for example lavender, damiana, chamomile 

If you’re on the fence about dumping your rolling tobacco, then it’s time to look into herbal tobacco.

Herbal tobacco is a herbal blend of natural herbs that do not contain nicotine.

Smokable herbs give you the freedom to smoke without the fear of becoming addicted to nicotine.

However, it’s essential to add that smoking anything is harmful to your lungs.

If you decide to use herbal tobacco to quit smoking cigarettes, then it should be used to allow your body to gradually decrease your smoking habit.

Once you’re free from nicotine addiction - you should stop smoking completely.

Furthermore, herbal tobacco is easily mixed with cannabis and creates a unique experience for your taste buds and body.

By doing so, you won’t be exposed to the nicotine from rolling tobacco, and you won’t fall into the vicious cycle of addiction.

Instead, herbal blends are an effective replacement for rolling tobacco.

Never again will you have to worry about becoming addicted to nicotine once you begin using smokable herbs products, such as natural herbal blends.