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Nicotine-free tobacco is a rising trend that allows smokers to indulge in products that do not contain nicotine.

Read along to understand what nicotine-free tobacco is, why they are used, what they are made from, and how nicotine-free tobacco, such as herbal tobacco, can help users break the nicotine habit.

  • What Is Nicotine-Free Tobacco?
  • What Are Nicotine-Free Tobacco Made Of?
  • How is Nicotine-Free Tobacco Made?
  • Terpenes in nicotine-free tobacco
  • Does herbal tobacco have any positive effects?
  • How Can Nicotine-Free Tobacco Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?
  • What Else Can Nicotine-Free Tobacco Be Used For?
  • Tried-And-True Nicotine-Free Tobacco

    What Is Nicotine-Free Tobacco?

    Do you see yourself smoking tobacco every day?

    How do you get rid of the addiction?

    The answer is nicotine-free tobacco. As the name suggests, nicotine-free tobacco does not contain nicotine.

    In fact, there is no tobacco present in nicotine-free tobacco. It is free from the toxicity of tobacco as well. 

    Nicotine-free tobacco is primarily catered towards those who wish to quit smoking traditional tobacco and is made from a combination of herbs and smoking blends.

    To know more about how they are made, you can read along the lines.

    Damiana leaf. Damiana is used to treat headache, bedwetting, depression, nervous stomach, and constipation; for prevention and treatment of sexual problems; boosting and maintaining mental and physical stamina; and as an aphrodisiac


    What Are Nicotine-Free Tobacco Made Of?

    Nicotine-free tobacco consists of dried herbal smoking blends, such as the flowers and leaves of lavender, mint, damiana, and chamomile.

    These herbs are nicotine-free and are used to create herbal tobacco.

    The benefits of nicotine-free tobacco, such as herbal tobacco, are many.

    Let’s take a look at specific use cases for natural herbs that compose nicotine-free tobacco.

     A widely used herb in nicotine-free tobacco is chamomile.

    Chamomile is world-renowned for its ability to help users relax because it’s a mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer.

    All of the chamomile’s calming effects are attributed to apigenin, an antioxidant that’s found in abundance in chamomile flowers. 

    Lavender is another incredibly popular herb that is used to create nicotine-free tobacco.

    Lavender is ideal for people who need to relax after a long, stressful day.

    The soothing effects of lavender are also used to reduce anxiety, which is ideal for those who do not wish to use harmful pharmaceutical products.

    Damiana is another popular herb that’s infused into nicotine-free tobacco to offer its energetic stimulating effects.

    Some of the benefits associated with damiana are increased blood flow, elevated mental and physical stamina, and decreases sexual nervous tension. 

    Lastly, mint is a primary herb that’s found in nicotine-free tobacco due to its refreshing flavor and uplifting effects.

    Mint is known to contain menthol, a natural compound, that soothes the respiratory system. 

    However, the list doesn’t stop there. Herbal tobacco can also consist of green tea, mugwort, and more.

    Each of these natural herbs is chosen for their benefits, which decreases the urge to continue smoking tobacco. 



    How Is Nicotine-Free Tobacco Made?

    Each of these natural herbs is harvested at their peak maturity, which means they are filled with the maximum amount of beneficial compounds.

    Once they are dry and free of moisture, they are blended to create nicotine-free tobacco, such as herbal smoking blends.

    By picking each natural herb at the right moment and drying to perfection, the terpene profile of each herb is retained.

    This means that nicotine-free tobacco products are flavorful without any additives. 

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    Nicotine-free cigarettes are designed to cleanse the lungs and bronchi and help to quit the habit of smoking. Facilitates breathing and improves blood circulation, as well as stabilizes the work of all internal organs and even helps to improve memory


    Terpenes In Nicotine-Free Tobacco

    Now, let us discuss what terpenes are present in nicotine-free tobacco and how do they impact your cannabis smoking experience.

    The first question that comes to your mind is, what are terpenes?

    Let us answer that for you. Terpenes are the compounds present in every plant.

    These compounds are aromatic and are responsible for the fragrance in plants.

    They can also be responsible for the flavor that the plant or the part of the plant exhibit.

    The plants can attract or repel organisms because of these terpenes.

    Basically, these terpenes have aromas that can be attractive to some animals or insects.

    It can also be the other way round, because of the fragrance the organisms do not want to interact or come near to a plant.

    Now ho does terpene affect your smoking experience?

    Well, it is pretty simple. Terpenes are responsible for the entourage effect.

    Apart from the entourage effect, it is interesting to know that each terpene has its own unique properties. 

    Let us consider nicotine-free tobacco blend with chamomile, it will have the stress-relieving properties.

    If you smoke the chamomile blend, the terpenes will get activated and will create a calming, soothing effect that will induce sleep.

    If you smoke any citrus blends, they will have limonene and will have a tangy flavor and fragrance.

    Limonene is actually one of the most common terpene found. They are found in almost every fruit or leaves that make you feel fresh.

    The limonene is also known for its stress-relieving properties. In fact, limonene has a positive effect on your mental health.

    It is well gauged to be anti-inflammatory. The presence of nitric oxide is responsible for limonene being an excellent anti-inflammatory.

    Limonene is antioxidant and can fight several heart disease-causing problems. 

    So, you see what you get out of the terpenes will essentially depend on the herbal blend you smoke.

    As we have mentioned, every plant, fruit, leaves have its own terpene which can affect different sections of your bodies.

    It can vary from physical health to mental health. Some of the terpenes can even cut pathways for cancer growth.

     Have an unforgettable terpene experience now


    Does Herbal Tobacco Have Any Positive Effects?

    Do you know why people smoke?

    The reason is they want to feel lightheaded which happens only when the blood-brain barrier breaks. It usually takes 6-8 seconds.

    As a herbal application, this is the main benefit of smoking or combustion of herbal blends.

    As the blood-brain barrier breaks, you feel a sense of relief. Your head starts feeling lighter and relaxed.

    The herbal blends in nicotine-free tobacco are beneficial when it comes to giving you a sense of temporary relief from a serious condition.

    These blends are responsible for relieving the anxiety on your difficult days.

    We all know that smoking is not good when it comes to your physical state.

    It is still important to know that if you smoke these herbs occasionally, the terpenes from these herbs can sideline and even relieve your acute symptoms. It definitely makes you feel easy, relaxed for the time being. 

    Apart from its effects on the mental state of a person, it has a significant impact on physical health.

    It relieves headaches, allergies, cramping, pain, and addiction sedation.


    How Can Nicotine-Free Tobacco Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

    Nicotine-free tobacco is ideal for quitting cigarettes because it does not contain nicotine.

    Since nicotine is the key component that fuels addiction, cutting it out will decrease your dependency. 

    Typically, smokers experience withdrawal symptoms for 24-48-hours after their last tobacco-based cigarette.

    However, the natural herbs found in nicotine-free tobacco actually reduces the severity of the withdrawal experience. 

    Not only does nicotine-free tobacco provide a cushion for your withdrawals, but it also helps you psychologically.

    Furthermore, nicotine-free tobacco, such as herbal tobacco, helps you cope with physical addiction since you won’t have to stop smoking “cold turkey.”

    This allows your body to flush out the nicotine.

    Once your body is free from nicotine, you can then transition away from herbal tobacco.

    Therefore, nicotine-free tobacco excels in breaking the nicotine-cycle that results in addiction.

    Once complete, it’s up to you if you’d like to stop smoking nicotine-free tobacco entirely.


    What Else Can Nicotine-Free Tobacco Be Used For?

    We all know a number of people mix tobacco with their cannabis to get high as the tobacco has a good binding effect and relaxes you faster.

    But with all the ill-effects of tobacco is it safe to smoke with cannabis?

    Of course not, tobacco causes the same effects with cannabis as they cause individually.

    Cannabis does not eliminate the toxicity of tobacco and nicotine.

    Tobacco mixed with cannabis can get you addicted due to the presence of nicotine in high amounts.

    Now, you will ask what is the alternative?

    We have been discussing so much about it and we do have an equally exciting alternative.

    You can always switch to herbal tobacco when you want to smoke cannabis.

    There are certain herbal tobaccos that are perfectly suited for cannabis smokers as they go well with the flavor and fragrance.

    You can choose from a variety of herbal tobacco blends and they will all give you a unique experience.

    Aside from herbal tobacco, herbal tobacco with added terpenes are an excellent choice for spicing up your cannabis experience.

    Herbal terpene tobacco is another type of nicotine-free tobacco that’s ideal for replacing traditional rolling tobacco


    Tried-And-True Nicotine-Free Tobacco

    If you’re after the best herbal tobacco or nicotine-free tobacco, then look no further than Real Leaf’s nicotine-free products.

    Each herbal tobacco blend is nicotine-free and is composed of natural herbs that help to support the mind and body. 

    Nicotine-free tobacco is the future of smoking, and Real Leaf is on the cutting edge with premier herbal tobacco blends that support your desire to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. 

    To be precise, you will never regret the switch from tobacco to nicotine-free tobacco and will not face the hardships that one generally does while quitting nicotine and tobacco.

    Switching to herbal blends is easier and will have a number of benefits.

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