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Menthol Cigarettes and Herbal Cigarettes Based on Mint

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Menthol cigarettes are tobacco-based cigarettes that contain a menthol additive.

Although menthol cigarettes reduce the perceived harshness of regular cigarettes - they actually hide the harmful effects of tobacco.


Mint cigarettes for qutting nicotine

Close relatives of mint, including yerba buena (sweet menthol flavor), are often incorporated in smoking blends, as well

Read along to understand what menthol cigarettes are, how they work, why menthol cigarettes aren’t exactly what they seem, and the difference between menthol cigarettes and herbal cigarettes.

What Are Menthol Cigarettes

First off, you must understand that menthol cigarettes are tobacco cigarettes with an added amount of menthol.

Menthol is a compound that’s derived from distilled corn mint oil or produced from synthetic ingredients.

Menthol is incorporated into menthol cigarettes because menthol actually produces an anesthetic and cooling effect.

When most cigarette smokers inhale from a cigarette, the hot smoke and carcinogens irritate the lungs.

By adding menthol into the cigarette - the painful and irritating effect of the smoke is masked.

In most cases, menthol cigarettes are geared towards occasional-smokers and beginner smokers.


smoking mint in e cigarettes

Smoking mint tea with lavender may help you to relax and get a good sleep

The reason behind this is because they provide cooling effects on the lungs while smoking.

Since occasional-smokers and beginners are not used to the harsh effects of smoke, they prefer menthol cigarettes.

However, menthol cigarettes only increase users’ addiction to tobacco-based cigarettes because of the high level of nicotine present.

Therefore, the menthol within menthol cigarettes actually increases the risk of nicotine addiction.

Smoking Cannabis Terpenes With Mint Terpenes

Smoking Mint Terpenes through herbal tobacco allows to cannabis smokers to enhance the effect of cannabis. The common terpene of cannabis and mint is Limonene.

Terpenes are fragrant oils as THC and CBD, found in herbs. Limonene Terpene is known in his beneficial properties in the following applications:

  • Elevated mood
  • Stress relief
  • Antifungal properties

Herbal smoking blends with mint best to be smoked with cannabis strains that contain the same terpene. 

With this herbal tobacco based on mint you can roll a menthol cigarette with cannabis.


Smoking cannabis terpenes with menthol cigarettes as tobacco substitute

Limonene is an aromatic cannabis terpene produced in the flower’s resin glands

Cannabis strains that do contain Limonene terpenes and recommended to smoke with mint:

  • Banana OG
  • Purple Hindu Kush

What’s the Difference Between Herbal Blends and Menthol Cigarettes?

Compare this masking effect of menthol cigarettes with herbal cigarettes, which do not contain nicotine or tobacco.

Herbal cigarettes are known to contain mint, which naturally contains menthol.

The primary difference in this case between menthol cigarettes and herbal menthol cigarettes is that herbal cigarettes produce the refreshing effect of menthol without exposing smokers to nicotine.

Herbal blends that contain menthol are derived from naturally-growing mint leaves.

This means that you’re smoking a natural alternative that does not contain nicotine or tobacco. Instead of fueling your nicotine addiction, herbal blends that contain mint offer a beneficial alternative.

Furthermore, smoking mint in herbal smoking blends offers a stimulating and refreshing experience.

These are the primary differences between menthol cigarettes and herbal blends that contain mint.

Menthol is Not Harmless

Many individuals believe that menthol in menthol cigarettes is harmless because it’s originally derived from mint plants.

However, this is far from the truth because menthol cigarettes contain nicotine and tobacco its allows smokers to inhale more toxic per inhalation.

 menthol herbal cigarettes based on mint

Everyone is looking for the perfect way to quit smoking, Mint is one of the natural ways to release your nicotine addiction

Furthermore, menthol cigarettes are meant to taste better than regular cigarettes, which is very harmful because it allows users to smoke even more.

This compounds the problem by increasing the number of menthol cigarettes smoked - which means smokers receive even more nicotine.

Although menthol cigarettes feel safer on your lungs - they sadly are not.

Choose Herbal Blends Over Menthol Cigarettes

Since it’s clear that menthol cigarettes are ever more dangerous than traditional tobacco cigarettes - what’s the alternative?

The answer comes in the form of herbal smoking blends, which are based on natural herbs that do not contain nicotine.

Furthermore, they do not contain masking agents, such as menthol, to hide the harsh taste and effects that smoke produces.

Instead, herbal cigarettes are a natural nicotine alternative that actually reduces the desire to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

This is because they allow you to smoke without nicotine present, which ultimately weens you off of traditional tobacco products - such as menthol cigarettes.

If you’re ready to leave the menthol cigarettes behind, then look no further than herbal smoking blends or herbal cigarettes.

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