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how to roll the perfect blunt

How to Roll a Blunt | What are Rose Blunts

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How to Roll a Blunt | What are Rose Blunts

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If you’ve been wondering how to roll the perfect blunt, then you’ve come to the right place.

Read along to understand what a blunt is, how to roll a blunt, and how herbal smoking blends or cannabis terpenes can optimize your experience.

how to roll a blunt

Smoking an entire blunt is roughly the equivalent of smoking six joints


What is a Blunt?

Before you learn how to roll a blunt, let’s take a look at what a blunt is.

Some will say that a blunt is the big brother of the joint.

A blunt is an emptied cigar that’s re-rolled with cannabis.

Unlike a cannabis joint, a blunt is much larger and it allows you to smoke multiple grams of weed.

In general, blunts are smoked in a social setting when it passes around multiple times.

Blunts last a long time due to the sheer amount of weed that’s inside (some may prefer to add tobacco or herbs).

Due to this, blunts are considered as a “heavy-duty” option in comparison to regular cannabis joints.

Some prefer to smoke blunts because of the buzz feeling that it is created.

The reason for this added buzz is the mix of cannabis and blunt wrapper (loose-leaf tobacco) which of course contains nicotine.

However, alongside the fun involved, the dangers of nicotine also stand.

Therefore, manufacturers in the field of cannabis have decided to produce similar products that do not contain nicotine.

Rose Blunt

Before you learn how to roll a blunt, let’s take a look at a quirky, yet effective, material to roll a blunt with.

One social influencer recently made a video on how to roll a blunt with rose petals.

All you’ll need is a large rose petal, and once you do, you can follow the next steps in the same manner to roll a rose petal blunt.

How to Roll a Blunt in Five Easy Steps

Now that you’re ready to learn how to roll a blunt let’s take a look at the five easy steps that will turn you into a blunt-rolling master.

How to Roll a Blunt - Step One

First, grind your weed to an even consistency on a rolling tray or clean table.

A grinder is always recommended for this task, the quality of the grinding affect the quality of the combustion and even the effect of the cannabinoids.

Even the distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes is made possible thanks to the grinder.  

You want to make sure you prepare your cannabis before you empty out a cigar to ensure that the cigar does not dry out.

Also, if you prefer to add additional herbs to your blunt, then make sure to evenly mix in herbal smoking blends at this point.

Herbal tobacco is ideal to make your cannabis last longer and elevate your smoking experience.

rose blunt

To roll a rose blunt you need an organic rose, some weed, and heavy duty paper to build a crutch or filter


How to Roll a Blunt - Step Two

Using a razor blade, cut in a straight line across the cigar.

Once done, pour out all of the tobacco.

Discard the tobacco and make sure your rolling tray only contains the weed and the empty cigar.

How to Roll a Blunt- Step Three

Now is the time to pack the cigar with the weed.

Use the index finger and thumb from both hands to spread the cigar open. Gently place the cannabis inside.

The amount of cannabis placed inside the cigar depends on how big you want the blunt to be.

How to Roll a Blunt - Step Four

Now comes the messy part.

Once you’ve placed your desired amount of cannabis in the cigar - it’s time to lick the top of the cigar that’s exposed.

Next, tuck the edges of the cigar in and begin to roll upwards with your thumbs and index fingers.

Don’t worry if some cannabis falls out of either side.

Make sure the portion that you licked is holding the blunt together sufficiently.

How to Roll a Blunt- Step Five

Next is the really messy part.

Coat the entire blunt with saliva to ensure a strong seal and allow it to dry.

It’s best if you run a flame from a lighter across the sealed edge to ensure an adequate bond.

That’s it!

You just learned how to roll a blunt - and the final step is to smoke it and have fun.

What Can You Add Into Your Blunt?

Smoking a blunt is an incredibly relaxing experience;

however, it can be very expensive considering the amount of cannabis that’s placed inside.

If you’d like to enhance the flavor and effects of a blunt without adding more weed - then take a look at herbal tobacco or isolated cannabis terpenes.

Herbal smoking blends contain natural herbs, such as lavender, chamomile, and mint, which contain flavorful terpenes that also provide profound benefits.

Furthermore, isolated cannabis terpenes offer pure flavors that are unrivaled in terms of taste.

rolling cannabis blunt

To keep you enviroment clean use smoking accessorie like rolling tray


Pros and Cons of Smoking a Blunt

Let's start with good news, so what are the advantages of smoking a blunt?

  • Size does matter- a blunt is much larger than a joint, and it has a lot of benefits. 

          You can smoke it throughout the day, and along with your smoking circle.            

Now for bad news, what are the disadvantages of blunt?·  

  • Nicotine hug- blunt wraps made out of tobacco loose-leaf, and consumption of nicotine is known to be addictive·     
  • Expensive- for each blunt you will need between 1-2 grams of cannabis (sometimes even more).·   
  • Availability- it is much easier to get rolling papers than blunt wraps 


So as already said there are those who are looking for the extra buzz, all you have to do is search along with the online smoking shops, and you will find a variety of products that will strengthen the effects of cannabis.

Tobacco substitutes and rolled cones enriched with terpenes, will surprise you. 

If you’re ready to turn your blunt into a terpene-packed experience, then look no further than  herbal smoking blends or Cannabis Terpenes.