Short Term Effects of Tobacco - Smoke Effect

Herbal Smoking Blends

Made out of smokable medicinal herbs


An herbal smoking blends is basically a mix of dried petals from various medicinal and smokable herbs. Such a blend is a chemical-free compered to any regular cigarette.

What is even more important is the fact that the herbal smoking blends does not contain nicotine. In fact, smoking herbal blends will not make you addicted.

Tobacco contains this powerful poison called nicotine, which is also a drug and is addictive, however if you change the Cigarette Filler, instead of tobacco, use something else that does not contain poisons and toxins.

herbal tobacco nicotine free

Then cigarettes would become relatively safe. That is what Herbal Smoking Blends are. 

Moreover there’s a wide variety of smokable medicinal herbs that can have beneficial effects when smoked - we just need to know where to look.

                                     Through plants — we ingest water, air, and soil.

The smoking of herbs alleviates headache and toothache, treats hormonal imbalances of the thyroid gland, mental problems, and maybe the most important it can help you quit smoking without any issues.

Is it really possible to quit smoking by smoking?

The answer lies in a natural herbal smoking blends made out of smokable medicinal herbs.

Understanding the elements of nicotine and cigarette addiction and acting correctly in contending with them is the key to restoring control over your smoking habits.

A neutral-tasting herbal tobacco blends with a rich texture prepared from Mullein, Raspberry, Marshmallow and Damiana plants, that allows you to continue maintaining your smoking habit while ridding yourself of the nicotine addiction.

Many quitters return to this trap thanks to just one cigarette that they missed so much .And indeed the craving for cigarettes is sometimes so strong that is so easy to go back.

smokable herbs

Right here, Herbal Cigarettes come to our aid.

Herbal smoking blends allowed you to consume cigarettes while your body ridding out of the nicotine. That’s what help you to release your physical addiction without suffering from side effects.

Still mixing your cannabis with tobacco?

Apart from smoking the regular cigarettes, tobacco is also being extensively used while smoking cannabis.

In order to minimize the effects of cannabis alone, tobacco is mixed as a blend before rolling it out.

This is mostly done as regular tobacco is easily accessible as well as a budget friendly option to begin with.

While tobacco substitutes for the nicotine-filled one, there are various other alternatives to tobacco when smoking cannabis too.

These alternatives don't necessarily burn a hole in your pocket and tell you that tobacco isn't the only thing that you could use to mix your weed with.

  • Using a nicotine-free herbal smoking blends in your joint will give you a clean and natural smoking experience devoid of unnecessary chemicals.
  • Even if you have stopped smoking cigarettes but are still using tobacco in your joint, you are still reinforcing your nicotine addiction.
  • The Combustion temperature of tobacco is higher than cannabis which harms the active ingredients of the cannabis

Herbal Smoking Blends Infused With Terpenes

Upgrade the Smoking Experience with a Terpenes-Enriched Herbal Blend.

cannabis terpenes

Terpenes assist in improved flow of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies, and their inclusion in the herbal blend can enhance the smoking experience.

Our herbal smoking blends contain a precise reproduction of the terpene composition from a broad selection of recognized cannabis species resulting from new technologies.

Real Leaf's experimental terpenes kit includes 3 terpenes-enriched blends, including Mango Kush, OG Kush, and Pineapple Express.