Smokable Herbs to Blend With Your Cannabis

RealLeaf herbal Tobacco Substitutes delivers a purer smoking experience and negates the harmful dependence on nicotine.

Still mixing your cannabis with tobacco?

  • Nicotine transferred via the bloodstream to the cannabinoid receptors, Recent studies have revealed that combining the two raises the probability of undesired neurological influences.
  • Using a nicotine-free herbal smoking blends in your joint will give you a clean and natural smoking experience devoid of unnecessary chemicals.
  • Even if you have stopped smoking cigarettes but are still using tobacco in your joint, you are still reinforcing your nicotine addiction.
  • The Combstion temperature of tobacco is higer than cannabis which harms the active ingrdiants of the cannabis

Join the growing circle of cannabis smokers around the world who have tried and fallen in love with our herbal tobacco substitutes and nicotine free tobacco. Upgrade your smoking experience and put an end to your nicotine dependence.


Do you smoke your cannabis "pure" or looking to enhance your experience?

Mixing herbal smoking blends infused with terpenes enable you:

  • ​Control the amount of weed you are using in each joint
  • Reduce the harness in your throat with nicotine free tobacco
  • Getting new hige by mixing differant types of  terpenes each time
  • Reduce the amount of weed you are using without ruin your high
  • Saving money


RealLeaf natural herbal smoking blends have been carefully prepared and have a delicate texture and unique aroma.

Upgrade the Smoking Experience with a Terpenes-Enriched Herbal Blend. Terpenes assist in improved flow of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies, and their inclusion in the herbal blend can enhance the smoking experience

Additional advantages of terpenes:

  • ​Anti-bacterial qualities
  • Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities
  • Proven as efficient in treating sleeping and eating disorders
  • Play an important role in the entourage effect

How terpenes upgrade your smoking experience:

  • ​Reduces the need for larger quantities of cannabis in order to benefit from a more widespread and richer experience with every inhalation of your joint; instead, you can use a controlled increment of terpenes in the smoking blend that improves the delivery of THC and CBD, leading to more effective cellular absorption
  • Whether you have tried it in the past or not, or if you are still adding regular herbal blends in your joints, combining terpenes in your herbal blend will take you higher!
  • Combining a herbal blend that is rich with terpenes of a specific cannabis species and another species of cannabis, gives you the possibility to create more and more interesting combinations each time


Terpenes-enriched herbal blends based on latest technology

Our herbal blends contain a precise reproduction of the terpene composition from a broad selection of recognized cannabis species resulting from new technologies. Real Leaf's experimental terpenes kit includes 3 terpenes-enriched blends, including Mango Kush, OG Kush, and Pineapple Express.