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Harmless Cigarette - Natural Quit Smoking Aid

Do you ever wonder is there a harmless cigarette? Is this kind of substitute can really help you quit? What is the difference between harmless cigarette to herbal cigarettes?

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 harmless cigarette without nicotine

Harmless Cigarette can be used together with all nicotine replacement products and provides additional help

Read along to discover if harmless cigarette are the answer to quit smoking.

What Is Harmless Cigarette?

Harmless cigarettes it’s a product that may help you quit smoking.

It’s a metal or plastic product that look like a cigarette, but has no any smoke, tobacco, nicotine, herbs, or basically nothing that can burn.

Harmless Cigarette looks like a real cigarette but actually they totally different from a herbal cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes.

Both, regular and nicotine free cigarettes filled with smokable plants.

In regular cigarettes its a tobacco plant, although herbal cigarettes can be filled with various smokable herbs that do not contain nicotine or any other addictive substance.

Harmless cigarette it's small electronic device that look like cigarette.  You can hold it or puff on it to overcome cravings anytime you feel like smoking.

You don’t light it and you don’t need to charge it. No smoke or vapor is inhaled or exhaled, this is exactly what making this cigarette a harmless one.

So when you feel craving you just put this harmless cigarette in your mouth to satisfy the "hand-mouth" effect, but the only thing you would smoke it’s an oxygen.

How Is Harmless Cigarette Work?

It uses a proprietary non-electric breathable air filter to help cope with quit smoking systems.

Most cravings only last a few minutes. Harmless Cigarette is designed to help buffer out those cravings so you get through those few minutes without giving in to the destructive urge.

There are few options with different aromas, what makes then less natural then the variant of harmless cigarette with oxygen.

Harmless Cigarette VS Herbal Cigarette

A lot of you must wondering what the difference between herbal nicotine free cigarettes to harmless cigarettes.

herbal cigarettes to quit smoking

Herbal cigarettes compared to Harmless cigarette create a real sense of smoking, as if it were your regular cigarette

So the main difference is that herbal cigarette is not an electrical device. Herbal cigarette mostly contain different smokable herbs as Damiana, Lavender, Mint.

The benefit lie down in the fact that herbal cigarettes you can actually smoke during the period your body clean itself of the addictive nicotine.

For me as ex-smoker was very important the psychological effect.

I wanted to feel that I have a real cigarette in my hand, to exhale the smoke, and sometimes just to create some circle with my smoke.

Therefore, if you prefer to quit smoking while you smoke an herbal cigarettes, without any tobacco and nicotine, you should read about smokable herbs that those herbal cigarettes contain.   

So there quiet big difference between harmless cigarette to herbal cigarette, any way choose the best for you, and don`t let the nicotine to win.

The only thing that important while quit smoking its not to quit no matter what.