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Fake Cigarettes Facts And Myths

Fake Cigarettes Facts And Myth

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Read more to understand fully how do fake cigarettes work and if they have any connection to herbal cigarettes.

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What Are Fake Cigarettes?

These types of cigarettes are illegally manufactured and sold in the guise of a normal cigarette.

However, the are not held up to the same regulatory standards as traditional cigarettes.

Fake cigarettes are a serious problem around the world that many nations face.

Fake cigarettes contain not only tobacco, nicotine, and other toxins, but harmful chemicals as well.

The black market industry for fake cigarettes is booming - are you willing to risk smoking a tainted cigarette?

Some may think that fake cigarettes are herbal cigarettes without tobacco.

However - this is far from the truth.

Nicotine free] cigarettes are real smoking products that are produced legally with natural herbs instead of nicotine-filled tobacco.

Herbal cigarettes are used in the legal industry as a stage cigarettes.

For some people nicotine free cigarettes are used as natural aid for quitting smoking tobacco.

So yes, the fact that nicotine free cigarettes do not contain tobacco or nicotine, do not make them fake cigarettes.

Where do fake cigarettes come from? 

Fake cigarettes are produced by unregulated workers, which means that child labor is used to produce them.

Furthermore, fake and unauthentic cigarettes are not produced in regulated facilities, which means they have a high potential for poor working conditions and safety violations.

Poor conditions of work not only are harmful to those producing fake cigarettes but also allows adding dangerous and harmful chemicals - such as arsenic and pesticides.

Producing Fake Cigarettes

The label of fake cigarettes stems from the fact that they are unregulated.

When an unlicensed tobacco farmer cultivates his/her crop, they use banned substances to ensure about "health" of their crop.

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Almost 48 billion fake cigarettes, which contain arsenic, pesticides and rat poison are smoked in the UK each year

Unlike regulated tobacco farmers, who are not allowed to use specific pesticides, unregulated tobacco farmers use anything and everything to keep their plants up and running.

The end result is a yield of tobacco leaves that are not only full of addictive nicotine but hazardous levels of pesticides and arsenic.

This problem is compounded when an individual smokes a fake cigarette that they believe is real.

According to a report in 2019, millions of fake cigarettes floods United Kingdom each year.

This means that thousands of UK-based smokers have directly smoked a fake cigarette without even knowing it.

If you from UK you should also read this article about herbal blends with true terpenes.

After illegal producers create fake cigarettes, the final price reflects their poor quality.

This is why fake cigarettes are cheap; however, it comes at an even greater risk to your health.

Due to the increased danger that fake cigarettes pose, herbal cigarettes are a much safer alternative.

With nicotine free cigarettes, you won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals and nicotine that’s found in fake cigarettes.

According to these reasons - herbal cigarettes are clearly a better choice when it comes to choosing between fake cigarettes and herbal cigarettes.


The Result of Smoking Fake Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is already unhealthy, but pair that fact with smoking high-levels of arsenic and pesticides.

Furthermore, the nicotine inside tobacco fans the flames of addiction even further, pushing smokers to continue their habit.

If you are a cigarette smoker we kindly advice to think twice before lighting a cigarette that you think is real.

Herbal Cigarettes vs. Fake Cigarettes

Instead of keeping yourself trapped in the vicious cycle of nicotine addiction, now is the time to look towards an alternative that reduces your nicotine cravings naturally.

The solution can be: herbal cigarettes, which are natural herbs that are artfully crafted to help you to reduce nicotine addiction.

Lavender, chamomile, damiana, and mint are all used to assist your mind and body as you ditch the nicotine habit - forever.

Once you smoke nicotine free cigarettes, you’ll find a multitude of benefits, such as increased awareness, relaxation, and a decreased reliance on nicotine.

By switching to herbal cigarettes, you’ll never risk smoking toxic, fake cigarette ever again.