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Why Cheap Tobacco Costs You a Lot | Where to Find the Cheapest Tobacco

What is Cheap Tobacco?

What’s Inside Cheap Tobacco?

Is Cheap Tobacco Worth It

What Country Sells The Cheapest Tobacco?

Herbal Tobacco - A Healthier Alternative

When it comes to the most sought after products online - not much comes close to cheap tobacco.

Although finding cheap tobacco will go easy on your wallet, the one question always remains - is it safe for your health?

Read along to understand what is cheap tobacco, what is inside of it, where to get it, and its health implications. 


What is Cheap Tobacco?

Tobacco is loose-leaf of the tobacco plant.

Alkaloid nicotine and harmala alkaloids are present in tobacco.

These stimulants are what makes tobacco highly addictive. 

For smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even sheesha, the dried tobacco leaves are used.

Tobacco leaves are often consumed as snuff, dipping tobacco, snus as well as chewing tobacco. 

Cheap tobacco is exactly what it sounds like - it’s cheap.

Cheap tobacco is used to roll your cigarettes and is much cheaper than buying traditional pre-rolled tobacco cigarettes.

Usually, cheap tobacco is sold by the pouch and even comes equipped with papers.

Cheap tobacco is inexpensive because it’s grown in non-ideal locations, such as in wet and humid climates.

These climatic conditions are not ideal for the plant’s growth.

Also, cheap tobacco seems economical because it’s not properly cured after the harvest period. 

What we want to emphasize here is, cheap tobacco is of poor quality tobacco and does not even come close to the tobacco’s taste.

The catch here is it comes at a very cheap price, and it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it to consume poorly crafted and potentially hazardous tobacco. 

cheap tobacco

 This is what cheap tobacco looks like


What’s Inside Cheap Tobacco?

We all know that certain aspects are compromised when you choose a cheap product over an expensive or moderate value product.

It is the same in the case of tobacco as well.

You must understand that cheaper will never mean better, and in this scenario, cheap tobacco is a high-risk product.

As we hs mentioned earlier the cheap tobacco is grown in less-than-ideal conditions and usually skips quality control checks (tobacco quality checks).

Let us help you out with the reasons why you be skipping the consumption of low-quality tobacco.

First of all, cheap tobacco most likely contains residual chemicals, such as pesticides, since they are not grown organically or according to the ideal standards.

This results in bringing down the agricultural cost of growing tobacco. That is why cheap tobacco is cheap.

So, you see, you are not making any economical decision.

Second, cheap tobacco is processed in working conditions that are not considered safe by most of the regulatory bodies.

This means that the cheap tobacco might have toxins and a higher amount of carcinogens i.e., a substance,  that leads to the formation of cancer by promoting carcinogenesis. 


Is Cheap Tobacco Worth It?

We all have known that tobacco is a threat to global health.

It causes 7 million deaths per year. Mind you, these are all preventable deaths.

Therefore, tobacco is singlehandedly responsible for 7 million preventable deaths per year.

Tobacco not only affects human development but also has a considerable impact on the environment.

So, from cradle to grave, tobacco is a deathbed. 

Ultimately, tobacco isn’t worth it for your health because if not death, it forces you into nicotine addiction.

Nothing is as important as your own body.

However, cheap tobacco is even worse than traditional tobacco because it likely contains higher levels of chemicals, toxins, and carcinogens which increases your chances of developing cancer.

Due to the unideal climatic conditions and unregulated quality control measures, the cheap tobacco poses a high risk to your health and exposes you to life-threatening diseases.

Cheap tobacco can or may also contain pesticide residuals as it is not cleaned and cured by taking conventional and established measures.

 Stop killing yourself


What Country Sells The Cheapest Tobacco?

According to a survey conducted by from 2011-2014, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan sell the cheapest tobacco in the world with the cost being less than $1.

According to reports, the developing countries depend more on a tobacco plantation, growth, and processing as compared to developed countries.

Also, tobacco is sold at much cheaper rates than in developed nations.

The cheaper quality tobacco is used for the perusal of the plantation countries whereas high-quality tobacco is exported to the developed countries.

The use of tobacco has significantly increased on both sides.

Although, developing nation uses beedi and other low-quality tobacco products whereas the other side uses more premium tobacco products

sell tobacco

Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan countries with outdated manufacturing equipment


Herbal Tobacco - A Healthier Alternative

There is only one advantage of consuming cheap tobacco is that it is easier on your pocket.

There is legit nothing else that we can add in our list of pros of cheap tobacco.

While the dropdown of cons is never-ending.

Firstly, it is unhealthy to a fault, it can cause you many life-threatening diseases.

If you somehow dodge the bullet there, it can still result in you having breathing problems and tumors.

Although it does not sound as horrific as a life-threatening situation, it is no better.

Imagine never being able to take a brisk walk, swim, or trek or even dance for long hours.

So, we suggest, you keep cheap tobacco out of the question unless you want to limit your life span or you prefer a breathless life. 

We know you will want a product that is inexpensive and will also be a healthier alternative.

Don't worry amigos. We got you covered.


We have an alternative for cheap tobacco which is, yes you guessed it right, cheaper, and healthier.

A product that makes you euphoric and yet is easy-breezy on your wallet.

Herbal tobacco is a cheaper, better, and organic product.

Unlike cheap tobacco, herbal tobacco does not contain nicotine and thousands of other chemichals.

Herbal tobacco is made from 100% natural herbs, such as lavender, mint, damiana, and chamomile.

You can look for affordable herbal tobacco- starting from your own garden.

You can create your herbal tobacco by harvesting the flowers and leaves from mint, damiana, chamomile, and lavender. 

However, you may want to leave the production of herbal tobacco to the professionals because you must properly dry, cure, and blend herbal tobacco to make it effective.

If you’re willing to learn about blending herbs into DIY herbal tobacco, then this is a cheaper alternative than any cheap tobacco you can find in the market.

DIY herbal tobacco does not pose any health risks which not only makes it cheaper but healthier alternative as well.

herbal tobacco

Smoke smart!