Cannabis Terpenes

Smoking cannabis with terpenes offers better transmission of THC and CBD and improves cellular absorption of these cannabinoids

Still blending chemically-loaded tobacco with your cannabis? Discover a refreshing blend of herbs rich in terpenes that are reproduced from popular strains of cannabis - taking the cannabis smoking experience to the next level.

Cannabis lovers worldwide still mistakenly assume that the minimal amount of tobacco consumed in their rolled smokables is negligible and insignificant. In fact, even a small pinch of tobacco in each joint is a substantial enough amount for the smoker to unknowingly become addicted to the chemicals, additives, and nicotine in today’s commercial tobacco.

A growing number of individuals are aware of the potential harm tobacco use can cause with even minimal daily consumption. While smoking pure cannabis is a great choice, it may not be suitable for everyone, and that’s where Real Leaf Terpenes come into play. Cannabis smokers that aren’t willing to feed a damaging addiction to tobacco, and have tried smoking cannabis with Real Leaf Terpenes, report that their overall smoking experience was amplified and more interesting when compared to smoking other tobacco substitutes. How does it work? Let’s start by understanding terpenes and their powerful effects.

Cannabis smokers who tried smoking cannabis with Real Leaf Terpenes, report that their overall smoking experience was amplified and more interesting when compared to smoking other tobacco substitutes.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic molecules that exist in plants, and account for the majority of scents emitted by greenery and plants. As a result of the interest and buzz generated by terpenes, the last few years have seen a surge in intensive research about every aspect of terpenes, particularly their composition in the cannabis plant.

Laboratory tests indicate that identifying the precise profile of terpenes from cannabis, and replicating it using other natural sources generates the desired outcome: a substance that lowers the quantity of cannabis needed to achieve a potent effect.

Terpenes Heighten the Overall Cannabis Smoking Experience

The cannabis plant is comprised of over 1200 molecules, of which the terpenes family are the dominant group. Cannabinoids are active molecules found in cannabis, and are responsible for the broad range of effects the plant offers smokers. This group of molecules includes the well-known compounds, THC and CBD. Research indicates that terpenes assist in the bodily routing of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to the cannabinoid receptors distributed in throughout the human body. In turn, consumption and use of terpenes amplify the effects of cannabis, enabling an overall heightened and better smoking experience.

​From now on, enjoying the range of influences and positive side effects of every puff you inhale does not require large amounts of cannabis. Instead, using a controlled amount of terpenes in our blended smokables offers better transmission of THC and CBD and improved cellular absorption of these cannabinoids. The experience is similar to taking a swig of vodka and Redbull or a gin and tonic; the overall drinking experience is kicked up a notch without increasing the percentage of alcohol running in your system.

RealLeaf's Terpenes

Our in-depth and years of collaboration with world-leading companies in the cannabis sector, that successfully replicated the composition of terpenes from a broad range of cannabis strains, now offers smokers 3 distinct natural herb and plant blends, enriched with these 3 unique terpenes:

OG Kush

A natural genetic replica of the OG Kush strain of cannabis

The Terpenes of OG Kush are a favourite of west coasters in the United States, with this strain imparting a dominant psychoactive effect due to the high percentage of THC. Additional effects include lowered stress and a sense of euphoria. The most prominent flavors this strain of cannabis are Thai and Pakistani pine with lemon, generating a sour-like and intriguing aroma. OG Kush terpenes can help alleviate stress, anxiety, difficulties with attention and/or concentration, along with migraines.

Mango Kush

A genetic replica from the Mango Kush strain of cannabis

Terpenes of the Mango Kush cannabis strain, (essentially a hybrid of Indo Kush and Mango), generate a scent that resembles the mango fruit itself, with hints of pine flavour that linger with each puff and hints of banana. This strain resembles Indica’s dominant influence, and the effects last roughly for two hours. The terpenes found in Mango Kush can help with the treatment of low or lack of appetite, nausea, epilepsy and physical pain.

Pineapple Express

A genetic replica from the Pineapple Express strain of cannabis

Terpenes from the Pineapple Express strain of cannabis (a hybrid of 4 different strains), release a sweet and piney flavour. Effects are slightly delayed compared to other strains and are characterized by a mild psychedelic feeling, plus a surge in creativity and energy.

Advanced technology enables precise reconstruction of terpenes found in various strains of cannabis, powering the development of Real Leaf Terpenes. We’ve taken the overall cannabis smoking experience to the next level. Enjoy an enhanced and interesting blend of herbs that amplify your high with Real Leaf.

Vape (vaporizer) lovers can find replications of these terpenes in a nicotine-free evaporative smoking liquid (E-Liquid).