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Top 5 Herbal Tobacco Mixes For Smoking Weed

Herbal tobacco is a rather fascinating term that seems to negate the harm linked to the regular tobacco. So is it really better? Well, as a mix of plant material and other ingredients that cause less harm, it is certainly a superior choice when compared to nicotine.

Though nicotine-free cigarettes or herbal cigarettes are not completely toxin-free because all cigarettes do contain carbon monoxide, nicotine-free cigarettes are definitely less harmful to one's health. Herbal tobacco helps lessen the effects of heart and other chronic diseases.

Although health claims are still being voiced out about herbal tobacco products, it is certainly said to be a way better or more than nicotine cigarettes any day. The biggest advantage of herbal tobacco is credited to its property of being non-addictive. Apart from smoking the regular cigarettes, tobacco is also being extensively used while smoking cannabis. In order to minimize the effects of cannabis alone, tobacco is mixed as a blend before rolling it out.

This is mostly done as regular tobacco is easily accessible as well as a budget friendly option to begin with.

While tobacco substitutes for the nicotine-filled one, there are various other alternatives to tobacco when smoking cannabis too. These alternatives don't necessarily burn a hole in your pocket and tell you that tobacco isn't the only thing that you could use to mix your weed with. So, let's take a look at the alternatives that are doing good to your body while letting you relax too.

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Top 5 Tobacco Alternatives For Cannabis

All of these alternatives provide the oral fixation that tobacco does although are healthier and tastier options to try:

#1 Sage​

Sage | Real Leaf tobacco substitutes & herbal cigarettes
Coming from the family of herbs, Sage is one of the oldest ones to be used for medicinal purposes. The relaxation effects that come from it are immense and recreate the tobacco. While smelling great, it also helps with other health problems especially related to digestion. Loss of appetite seems to be the foremost problem while smoking cannabis and Sage cures this one step at a time. With its medicinal and healing properties, Sage comes at the top priority to stand a chance as an alternative to tobacco.

#2 Damiana

Preferred by many for its replication of the weed and tobacco combination, Damiana is surely the better option. It mostly gives a subtle high that is euphoric which is loved by all. Known for its aphrodisiac effects, it makes smoking for the perfect herb to smoke that joint with your significant other. Its ingredients also make makes smoking for the perfect herb to smoke that joint with your significant other. Its ingredients also make it a perfect stand-alone joint, without the mix of anything. It is also commonly referred to as "Herb of The
Gods, a name which only weed has managed to secure till date. Are you ready to replace tobacco to give you an ecstatic state of mind like never before?

#3 Passion Flower

Passionflower | Real Leaf tobacco substitutes & herbal cigarettes
Passionflower is the kind of herb that works to give the cannabis and the herbal blend the extra push it needs. The herb in itself isn't particularly strong, hence it stands as the ideal herb for a blending combination. When blended with cannabis, the joint has a sedating effect and gives a slight high which puts the person in a good state of mind. So, make healthier choices at the end of your day by unwinding with passion flower blends rather than tobacco ones. The accessibility of this herb may not be as high as the rest, although once you find it, you'll always go back to it.

#4 Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus | Real Leaf tobacco substitutes & herbal cigarettes

Hailing from the River Nile, this herbal intoxicant dates back to the ancient days where it was used as a party drug. If you are longing to find the perfect match that will perform as adequately as tobacco, Blue Lotus is the on. It is said to eradicate traces of addictive nicotine in the body while providing a sedating and sexually
stimulating effect when combined with cannabis. Although the taste is a little unpleasant, it is something that one can get used to after a few trials. The supreme ratios of this combination are 20% lotus and 80% green.

#5 Chamomile

Chamomile | Real Leaf tobacco substitutes & herbal cigarettes

Are you surprised that this roadside herb is a part of this list? Chamomile has been used in the past to treat various virues in the body. Its medicinal properties are also being used to date in the form of Chamomile Tea. Its positive effects, when used as a replacement for tobacco, include relieving stress, anxiety and
treating digestive disorders. What needs to be used are the old dried chamomile buds and not the tea bags, as the tea bags don't necessarily produce a calming effect when used with cannabis.

Now that you know the top 5 alternatives to tobacco in your joint, which is your pick? While everyone would have their own pick, it is best to experiment and find your right blend. At the end of the day, the perfect alternative would be something that replicates the effects and doesn't make you feel otherwise. Also, if you've tried other alternatives to tobacco, let us know if we've missed out on anything in the best 5.

Shift to healthier alternatives that reduce the drastic effects on health. Tobacco alternatives are still in research for how much more it can change lives for the better. We would love to hear how herbal tobacco has had an impact on you and your cannabis smoking experience. At the end of the day, for those of you trying to quit the nicotine and move away from it, herbal tobacco stands as a choice. A better choice to make for a better living.

If you'd like to find out more about our tobacco herbal products and accessories for higher quality cannabis smoking, be sure to visit our store.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

Peace out!

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