Tobacco-Free Cigarettes - Nicotine Diet

Tobacco-Free Cigarettes - Nicotine Diet

Are you looking for tobacco-free cigarettes that can help you quit smoking while enjoying potential benefits?

Non nicotine cigarettes

The nicotine in tobacco can be addictive like alcohol, cocaine, and morphine

If so, read along to understand how herbal cigarettes are non-nicotine alternatives that are helping users quit smoking cigarettes.

What Are Tobacco-Free Cigarettes?

Tobacco-free cigarettes are alternative cigarettes that do not contain nicotine or tobacco.

This means that tobacco-free cigarettes don’t have the ability to promote addictive qualities that are commonly experienced when smoking traditional tobacco.

The primary ingredients that make tobacco-free cigarettes are natural herbs.

Herbal blends and herbal cigarettes

Almost every dried herb possible to smoke, the plant's health benefits won't skip you    

The natural herbs that are commonly placed into tobacco-free cigarettes are mullein, mugwort, raspberry leaf, mint, green tea, and many more.

These herbs are then placed into pre-rolled cigarettes.

For most, it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between traditional cigarettes and non-tobacco cigarettes.

It’s even possible to roll your own tobacco-free cigarettes with the help of loose leaf natural herbal blends. 

What Are The Benefits of Smoking Tobacco-Free Cigarettes?

There are many benefits associated with smoking natural herbs.

Indigenous groups throughout the centuries have relied on smoking natural herbs to help with a wide variety of issues.

The benefits of natural herbs can include: 

  • Increased respiratory capacity
  • Increased blood flow
  • Stimulated libido
  • Relaxation
  • Energetic effects

As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits.

The benefits depend on the natural herb, and it’s common to find a mixture of natural herbs in tobacco-free cigarettes.

Take nicotine out
Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can and do include just about every discomfort you can think of, just like a diet.

However, the primary benefit of smoking tobacco-free cigarettes stems from the fact that they do not contain any form of nicotine.

This is incredibly helpful for those that wish to quit smoking cigarettes- forever.

How Can Tobacco-Free Cigarettes Help You To Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Tobacco contains naturally-occurring nicotine.

It’s the nicotine compound that’s responsible for the addictive effect of cigarettes.

Nicotine addiction pushes smokers to increase their consumption rate to satisfy their perceived needs.

However, this perceived need does not stop, but instead, increases.

Smoking damiana

Smoking damiana its a great tobacco substitute, smoke without getting addictive

Additionally, natural herbs can naturally decrease your urge to smoke tobacco.

As you quit smoking tobacco, it’s likely that you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms.

It’s during these difficult moments that natural herbs can help you overcome the discomfort of quitting cigarettes.

Where Can You Buy Tobacco-Free Cigarettes?

Up until recently, it was fairly difficult to find a reliable source of tobacco-free cigarettes.

Now, Real Leaf provides high-quality tobacco-free cigarettes and natural herbal blends.

Now, you can purchase all of your tobacco-free cigarette needs online - without any hassle.

Herbal blends
Choose your favorite smokable herb, and roll you a nicotine-free cigarette

When you’re ready to ditch the nicotine habit and enjoy the benefits that natural herbs offer, there’s no better time than now to take a look at Real Leaf’s tobacco-free cigarettes.

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