• Coronavirus and Smoking: Everything You Need to Know

    Coronavirus and Smoking: Everything You Need to Know

    As we all know - the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has sparked a global epidemic.

    Read along and discover how it can effect your life , what is the connection between smoking and Corona Virus ( COVID-19 ), how to avoid, and how herbal blends and herbal cigarettes can help you.

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    Smoking catnip the herb that connects cats and humans

    Smoking catnip its not a secret, but making  herbal blends from 
    catnip and other dream enhancing type of herbs like mugwort or calea zacatechichi, not everyone knows. Discover a world of blends with catnip and other medicinal herbs. Smoking catnip produces a good experience, and most important it could kick the nicotine out of your life.
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  • smoing sage by realleaf

    Smoking Sage | Can you smoke Sage/Salvia with cannabis?

    Common sage, also known as Salvia apiana is found throughout Northwestern Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

    Smoking sage with other smokable herbs could be your best decision, discover all the benefits from smoking sage and other herbal blends, and how can you smoke sage with cannabis?

    So what you waiting ? Just click !

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  • Clove cigarettes when burning cloves meeting the natural herbs

    Clove cigarettes when burning cloves meeting the natural herbs

    Clove cigarettes are a unique product in the world of cigarettes due to their ability to allow smokers to inhale deeply with each puff. the cigarettes first invented by Jamhari Haji , who was suffering from asthma.The question is - why was smoking cloves within a tobacco cigarette relieving asthmatic symptoms.
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  • terpenes infused in our herbal tobacco blends

    True Terpenes Herbal Tobacco Blends- Reduce Your Dependency And Save Money

    The legalization of cannabis has allowed many to purchase marijuana products as they would a bottle of beer. This availability has come at a cost: increased prices.

    If you indulge in marijuana daily, then the enjoyment of smoking a joint filled with cannabis will become a costly experience.

    Learn how you can save money and reduce your risk of marijuana addiction by using herbal tobacco blends with true terpenes .


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