Symptoms When You Stop Smoking

Symptoms When You Stop Smoking

We understand - it’s a daunting task to stop smoking.

In general, you’ll experience a wide variety of symptoms when you stop smoking, which is incredibly uncomfortable and even scary.

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Read along to understand the various stop smoking symptoms, what to expect from stop smoking symptoms, and how herbal blends or herbal cigarettes can reduce the severity of symptoms when you stop smoking.

The First 3 Days of Stop Smoking Symptoms

Once you put out your last cigarette - you’ll feel incredibly liberated.

However, by the time your body is ready for its next dose of nicotine - you’ll start to feel a variety of symptoms that are better described as withdrawal symptoms.

Let’s take a look at each.

Stop Smoking Symptoms: Craving Nicotine

The first stop smoking symptom is the deep urge to smoke a cigarette.

At first, you may be able to resist, but after a few hours without smoking a cigarette, your body will demand that you smoke.

 As a cigarette smoker, you’ve changed the chemical composition in the brain.

This change has made nicotine a necessary component of your daily routine, which means it’s become a need.

Within the first few hours of your last cigarette - the desire for a cigarette is incredibly powerful.

As  long as you remember why you’ve chosen to stop smoking, resisting the urge to light up another cigarette will be possible.

Herbal Cigarettes Solution

Herbal cigarettes became a common solution for these kind of symptoms.

As mentioned our urge to smoke comes from a number of reasons:

  • The first will be the physiological addiction to nicotine that pushes you to put the cigarette in your mouth.
  • The second reason is the psychological habit of igniting a cigarette created by the nicotine addiction.

An herbal cigarette allows you to continue smoking as long as you fight the physiological addiction.

This phase is the most important and exactly where the percentages of people who quit from quitting smoking are high.

Why is it so hard?

Let's check the additional stop smoking symptoms to understand.  


Stop Smoking Symptoms: Headaches, Chills, and a Tingling Feeling

If you’ve overcome the intense desire to light up a nicotine cigarette, then you’ve passed the first test.

Next, your body will begin detoxing itself of the nicotine still in your body. However, your body is accustomed to nicotine, and it’s not going to let go without a fight.

After 2-4-hours of your last cigarette, you will experience headaches, chills, and even a tingling feeling in your hands and feet.

Each of these stop smoking symptoms ranges from doable to outright unbearable.

It’s incredibly difficult to deal with these symptoms that persist once you stop smoking; however , you’ll need to grit your teeth and push forward if you want to actually stop smoking.

Herbal Cigarettes are made from a wide variety of plants that contain health benefits that can help you exactly in these moments until you completely stop smoking.

So yes, experiencing a sick feeling because you quit smoking can be frustrating.

Headache and fever are known to be unpleasant, and who can help you if not your garden smokable herbs.

Menthol has the ability to increase the sensitivity of cold-sensitive skin receptors, thus creating its famous cool feeling.

This is exactly why you will feel fresher and your heat will probably go down after smoking mint.

As a result of this effect, you will also experience relief from the headache, Which will allow you to relax and not enter the stress cycle "OMG , I stop smoking and it's so hard".        

Stop Smoking Symptoms: The Mental Game

Aside from the physical stop smoking symptoms, you’ll experience mind games that come in the form of insomnia, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and a loss of concentration.

It’s no wonder why quitting smoking is so hard - especially when looking at each of these issues square in the face.

However , you’ll need to remember that your life will be better once you quit smoking cigarettes.

These symptoms can last up to 72-hours, so just remember - they will stop.

For example, in cases where you experience insomnia -fail to fall asleep;It is more advisable to choose lavender herbal smoking blends than all other smokable herbs.

The reason for that is that smoking lavender known as reducing insomnia, relaxing, and help to fall asleep within minutes.

If you dealing with anxiety, the recommendation would be to smoke chamomile, as smoking chamomile is known for its help to cope with anxiety and helps to calm down.

The terpenes that these smokable herbs contain are the ones that give them some of their medicinal properties.

Some of these terpenes we can find in the cannabis plant, known for its contribution to various medical conditions (as stop smoking symptoms).   

How  to Reduce Stop Smoking Symptoms With Herbal Cigarettes

If you don’t want to experience the severity of mental and physical symptoms when you stop smoking cigarettes - then herbal cigarettes and herbal blends are the answer.

Herbal cigarettes are made of natural herbs that do not contain nicotine, but instead, are filled with natural compounds that relax the mind and body.

By smoking herbal cigarettes, you’ll experience a drastically reduced amount of stop smoking symptoms - especially within the critical withdrawal window of 72-hours.

There are wide varieties of smokable herbs that you can diversify and consume according to your needsSmoking quitting does not have to be absolute and you can allow yourself quit smoking in stages.

Medicinal smokable herbs accompany you throughout this period, where your body is still dependent on nicotine.

After a while, you will experience a decrease in desire for smoke and withdrawal symptoms (what we call stop smoking symptoms) will disappear.

If you wonder, why this will happen;

The main reason is that after a while nicotine comes out of your systems completely there will be nothing to push you for "just a last" cigarette.

Accept the help that the medicinal smokable herbs offer you and beat the stop smoking symptoms.     

If you’re ready to stop smoking without the stop smoking symptoms - herbal cigarettes are a clear choice.

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