Smoking Rose Petals | Rose Blunt

Smoking Rose Petals | Rose Blunt

Smoking rose petals- discover a new world of aroma 

When it comes to tobacco substitutes, rose petals come to mind.

Smoking rose petals may seem like a novelty, but it’s actually an incredibly effective smokable herb. 

Smoking Rose petal in blends

Rose petals caught the hearts and minds of many due to their beneficial qualities.

Benefits of Smoking Rose Petals

When smoked, rose petals are known to produce a sense of inner peace, act as an aphrodisiac, and decrease depression.

Rose petals are also known for their ability to assist people who are trying to quit smoking nicotine-filled cigarettes.

Rose petals have historically been used in fragrances, which act as an aphrodisiac or to enhance a person’s mood.

Rose petal smoking benefits

Smoking rose petals, using as a tea or herbal bath can lift depressive mood

There’s a reason why roses have always been used when asking for forgiveness or to make something extra romantic.

Whether it’s due to their visual connotation or the beneficial properties within - rose petals are ideal for smoking when :

  • Seeking relaxation,
  • Stimulation, 
  • Boost in mood.

Will Smoking Rose Petals Get You High?

When smoking rose petals, users tend to feel a slight euphoric rush at the onset.

However, this feeling is short-lived and does not stay around for long. Instead of feeling a psychoactive effect, users will feel a boost in mood.

Additionally, smoking rose petals results in a relaxed sensation that furthers its antidepressant effects.

Why Smoking Rose Petals Can Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Since smoking rose petals decreases instances of depression and enhances your mood, it’s ideal for kicking the nicotine habit to the curb.

When you quit smoking cigarettes, it’s common to feel depressed for a short period of time.

Smoking rose petals decrease the symptoms associated with nicotine-withdrawals effectively.

After smoking rose petals, a sense of inner peace and self-awareness is commonly felt. These feelings will help combat the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Rose petal tea

While rose tea can be uplifting for your senses, it will also help to relieve a sore throat thanks to antioxidants

Furthermore, the benefits of smoking rose petals is enhanced when mixed with other smokable herbs.

Other herbs that rose petals can be mixed with are mint, chamomile, damiana, and event mugwort.

However, there’s no problem if you decide to smoke rose petals by themselves.

Herbal blends that contain rose petals are incredibly effective when attempting to quit smoking cigarettes.

If you’ve found yourself ready to ditch the nicotine habit, then smoking herbal blends with rose petals is an ideal choice.

What Else Can Rose Petals Be Used For?

Furthermore, rose petals can be used to enhance the flavor of cannabis.

Due to their delicate and sweet flavor, rose petals are the perfect companion for marijuana flowers.

For those that seek the psychoactive effects of cannabis, rose petals add a new and exciting element to the mix.

Rose petal herbal blends

Rose petals are often a component in herbal smoking blends for people who quit cigarettes

Instead of using harmful tobacco in a spliff, users can now use rose petals and herbal blends to mix with cannabis for a relaxing session.

Herbal blends have no addictive ingredients, all made from medicinal herbs that can easily help you quit tobacco.

There’s no better time than now to use the versatile and effective rose petal.

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lana - August 1, 2020

how do i go about smoking rose?

kK - June 26, 2020

Search them online, make sure they are organic and edible 👏🏼

Timeco Royal - February 10, 2020

Ok i see the site but nothing with the rose petals leaves to roll up with.

Timeco Royal - February 10, 2020

Need the site to buy the rose petal and herbal blends from.

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