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Raspberry Leaf, also known as Rubus idaeus, is a medicinal herb that’s been used for its’ wide array of benefits over many centuries. The plant produces a bright red berry, but it isn’t the fruit that cultures have historically cultivated. The leaves contain antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that are known to help with gastrointestinal tract disorders, and the flu. Women have also historically used the raspberry leaf to ease contractions, as well as lessen the potential of a miscarriage.

Join us as we learn about this versatile herb, as well as how you can use it as smokable herbs to reduce your nicotine intake and tobacco addiction.

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The Benefits of Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaves are known to be packed with beneficial vitamins, such as B and C. They also contain essential vitamins, like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, and zinc. All of these compounds are necessary for your body to thrive, as they each contribute vital roles within your immune system.
Aside from vitamins and minerals, raspberry leaves also contain a large number of antioxidants. Oxidation is the chemical process in which free-radicals run rampant throughout your body and destroy your healthy cells. This causes premature aging, as well as a host of health-related problems. By consuming antioxidants, you’re actively protecting your cells from being destroyed; therefore, antioxidants are a defensive line within your body.
Other important benefits of the raspberry leaf are those that directly affect women. Whether pregnant or not, many accounts point to the beneficial properties of the raspberry leaf when alleviating the duration of periods, labor contractions, and

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It's a balanced herb for everyone
It’s thought that the antioxidants within the raspberry leaf ease the blood vessels, which reduces the stress on certain muscles in the pelvis. This is why it’s thought that raspberry leaves are beneficial for women during pregnancy and delivery. Although there isn’t substantial research on this topic, this is a widely used herb for its relaxing effects.
It’s not just an herb for women since it can also be used to treat GI tract disorders, as well as respiratory issues. Anyone that has consulted with their physician can potentially consume raspberry leaves during their daily routines to uptake the beneficial properties of this herb.

Can You Smoke Raspberry Leaf?

Yes, you can. Smoking raspberry leaf has become popular in the last few years as many individuals are seeking alternatives to tobacco-filled cigarettes. The health-bug has latched onto many people - and for a good reason. Nicotine has been proven that it contains addictive compounds, and this makes it incredibly difficult to ditch the cigarette habit.
Luckily, tobacco substitutes have made it to the forefront to empower individuals with another choice. Real Leaf developed an herbal smoking blends that integrates raspberry leaf, along with other beneficial herbs. By doing so, Real Leaf is giving you a chance to cut the nicotine out of your life via smokable herbs.
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Not only does Red Raspberry Leaf contain a wide variety of medicinal compounds, it is also a great tobacco alternative

Making a change like quitting smoking is a significant decision. This is why an herbal smoking blend that contains raspberry leaves is ideal for those that still enjoy smoking.

The smoke from raspberry leaves, along with the rest of the herbal blend, is light and neutral in taste. This makes it an ideal candidate to be mixed with cannabis-related products as well. Just like tobacco, Real Leaf’s herbal smoking blends is incredibly versatile, pairing well with marijuana. The primary difference is in the beneficial properties, as well as the lack of nicotine.

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