Smoking Mugwort the plant that takes your dreams higher

Smoking Mugwort the plant that takes your dreams higher

Smoking Mugwort | Herbal Blends

When it comes to alternative methods to smoke, mugwort is a traditional herb that’s steadily rising in popularity.

Smoking mugwort is an effective herb to reduce your reliance on nicotine-packed cigarettes.

There are many benefits of mugwort, and mugwort can be smoked by itself, which makes it a stand-alone herb.

Mugwort smokable herbs

Mugwort good combination for other smokable herbs

However mugwort also can be mixed with other smokable herbs, some herbs with strong aroma will be a grate combination with mugwort. 

Read along to understand how you can smoke mugwort and what you can expect from it.

What is Mugwort?

Mugwort, also known as Artemisia vulgaris, is a perennial plant that grows near streams.

It’s distinguished by its evergreen leaves with a silvery underside. These plants tend to grow upwards of 2-feet and can be quickly harvested.

Will Smoking Mugwort Get You High?

Mugwort will not make you feel high, but some users report a slightly uplifting effect. However, it does produce vivid dreams while you sleep.

Mugwort has been used for centuries by indigenous populations for its ability to allow users to intensify their dreams.

 Mugwort herbal tobacco

Once rolled, users can smoke mugwort without any additives. The effects are subtle, and a slight sensation of euphoria may be experienced.

When awake, the effects of mugwort are short-lived. However, after smoking mugwort, many users feel a sense of relaxation throughout the rest of the day.

Since mugwort enhances dreams, the primary benefits of mugwort occur while you sleep.

In general, mugwort is smoked prior to bedtime, and the potential to experience a lucid dream is increased.

When it comes to mugwort’s benefits, it’s mainly the fact that it helps users enhance their sleep quality with heightened awareness in their dream-state.

What Does Mugwort Taste Like When Smoked?

Mugwort has a unique terpene profile that’s very light and refreshing on the palate.

It contains a very herbal flavor that’s unlike many smokable herbs. Mugwort also contains a slightly spicy, yet sweet flavor that’s sure to make it a crowd-pleaser.

What Does Mugwort Smell Like?

Smoking mugwort is very discreet because it does not produce a very noticeable smell.

However, mugwort has an enjoyable aroma that’s reminiscent of green tea, white sage, and subtle incense.

Mugwort for herbal blends

Another interesting way of using mugwort aside from smoking it is placing a handful inside your pillow before bed.

The aromatic quality of mugwort is known to help users fall asleep quickly while producing vivid dreams. However, mugwort produces the most vivid dreams when smoked.

Can You Mix Mugwort With Other Smokable Herbs?

Yes. Mugwort works well with other smokable herbs because its flavor does not dominate.

Although mugwort can be smoked by itself, it’s very possible to enjoy its benefits while simultaneously experiencing the benefits of other smokable herbs.

Don't wait another day, try organic herbal blends to start your new journey without nicotine. 

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