Marshmallow leaf smoke

Marshmallow leaf smoke


Smoke marshmallow leaf?

Marshmallow plant, also known by its botanical name Althea officinales, is an herb that’s been used for millennia. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans have all used this beneficial herb for a wide variety of purposes. Now, marshmallow leaf is being mixed into herbal smoking blends to ween cigarette smokers from the addictive properties of nicotine. This herb is a great one to smoke all around, even if you aren’t mixing it with weed. Just like damiana, it makes a good base to any herbal smoking blend mixture.

MARSHMALLOW PLANT BENEFITS (from plant to herbal cigarette)

By smoking marshmallow leaf as herbal tobacco or herbal cigarettes quit smoking aid soltion, the beneficial properties and compounds are metabolized rapidly through your bloodstream, which brings on the effects much faster than via digestion. Let’s take a look at the various beneficial aspects that can be found in Marshmallow leaves.Is Marshmallow Root an Anti-Inflammatory? Yes. Both the leaf and the root of the marshmallow plant effectively reduce inflammation. Research has shown that marshmallow leaves and roots reduce eczema, dermatitis, and furunculus's; all three of which are the result of inflammation. It also contains chemicals that might decrease cough that will help to heal wounds by decreasing inflammation and fighting certain microbes. 


 marshmallow plant by realleaf

 Marshmallow leaf works wonders for the lungs




Is Marshmallow Root Good for Kidneys?

Yes. Marshmallow leaves and roots are both used as a diuretic in various countries. By consuming marshmallow leaves, the human body responds by actively flushing out toxins that have accumulated in the kidneys. Simultaneously, flushing out the kidneys creates an environment that is healthy for the urinary tract as well.


Is Marshmallow Root Good for Hair?

Yes. Marshmallow root is becoming widely popular for its benefits relating to hair-care. It’s known to improve the cuticle structure of your hair, making it far less prone to tangling.


What Else is Marshmallow Root and Leaves Good For?

  • Decreasing coughs
  • Protection against ulcers
  • Improving your skin
  • High anti-oxidant level

 marshmallow leafs by realleaf

Its relaxes the mind when smoked on its own, and produces a euphoric feeling


Smoking and mixing marshmallow leaf and cannabis

A significant use case for marshmallow leaves and other ingredients found in natural herbal smoking blends is mixing it with cannabis. The relaxing and beneficial effects of herbal smoking blends offer additional flavor when combined with cannabis; thus creating an enhanced smoking experience.
Many individuals are used to rolling their spliffs with tobacco. This age-old ritual has caused a detrimental side-effect: nicotine addiction. Although most cannabis smokers don’t consider themselves “smokers” in the tobacco sense of the word - they actually are. This is because many will only smoke cannabis when combined with tobacco.
Marshmallow plant, along with other ingredients found within herbal smoking blends are an ideal substitute because they don’t contain the addiction-causing nicotine. Although smoking is never considered healthy, reducing your nicotine exposure is incredibly beneficial.

 rolling marshmallow by realleaf

Smoking marshmallow combined with cannabis can enhance the smoking experience


Herbal smoking blends are here to save you


Herbal smoking blends are the perfect tobacco substitutes they are here to save the day. Ingredients in herbal smoking blends, such as marshmallow leaves, are free of nicotine, which makes it a genuine alternative to smoking tobacco.
Tobacco products are incredibly addictive and reducing your exposure to nicotine is essential to lead an independent life that doesn’t include the high cost of cigarettes. herbal smoking blends that coming equipped with marshmallow leaves are an excellent option for making a change that will steer you clear of nicotine addiction.

 marshmallow mix weed

Combine me with healthy non-addictive herbs -respect your herb


Real Leaf’s Herbal smoking Blends

When it comes to herbal blends to mix with your cannabis or reduce your nicotine addiction, look no further than Real Leaf’s Respect Your Herb Kit. It contains everything you’ll need to become nicotine-free in no time.
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