Real Leaf climbs Switzerland with

Real Leaf climbs Switzerland with


REALLEAF HERBAL SMOKING BLENDS was looking for a healthier alternative to smoking for a long time. The offer in Switzerland was very manageable and qualitatively often not acceptable.

As luck would have it, Real Leaf was looking for a trustworthy distribution partner in Switzerland at the same time a few years ago.

The circumstances fit like a glove or let's rather say like the tube Supreme Joint Filter in the nicotine-free Real Leaf joints. is no ordinary CBD store in Switzerland. Their mission is to provide sustainability, naturalness and healthier alternatives to harmful products for all Swiss people.

With the keyword healthier alternatives, Real Leaf turned out to be the perfect way to continue their mission.

Real Leaf offers a natural tobacco replacement product, in many different flavors and compositions. For, this was an ideal counterpart to the harmful, widely used and nicotine-containing tobacco.

Real Leaf herbal blends consist of raspberries, mints, chamomile, mullein, damiana and many other herbs.

Each of these herbs has its own effect and has been used by people as a remedy for thousands of years. Real Leaf offers a wide range of combinations, picking all the herbs themselves.

Many people also use the herbal blends as a substitute for tobacco to smoke CBD joints.

The terpenes (aroma and flavor molecules) that are in some herbal blends even optimize the absorption of various cannabinoids like CBD and also THC in the body.

Thus, not only can they get rid of the harmfulness and addiction problem of tobacco, but they even get more out of the CBD or THC flowers. If you want to know more about it, just click on the ultimate guide - All about the effects of CBD.

So looked for high-quality alternatives and found what they were looking for at Real Leaf. Interestingly, the first contact came through PURIZE®,'s exclusive retail partner in Switzerland.

They are the largest producers of activated carbon filters in Germany and also export them internationally. PURIZE® recommended to contact Real Leaf, because they were looking for good distributors at that very moment.

Shortly after, was graced with samples and was very positively surprised.

At the Mary Jane Fair 2019 in Berlin, it then came to the personal meeting of the two companies. The various natural and terpene-enriched herbal blends convinced directly.

A fine taste, an optimal consistency and above all a nicotine-free smoking pleasure were the fully convincing arguments.

Added to this were the matching philosophies and characteristics of Real Leaf and In the initial discussions, it quickly became apparent that they were on the same wavelength and were pursuing very similar goals.

Their mindsets were a perfect match and a close cooperation began shortly thereafter.

Until today, the very good and transparent cooperation continues and the distribution of nicotine-free tobacco substitute products is increasing every year in Switzerland - also thanks to

Besides the popular herbal blends, distributes the new Tube Supreme Joint Filters, in different flavors. Also very interesting are the unbleached, unrefined and organic papers, which are very popular.

Here's to many more years with good leafs and Real Vibe! All products from Real Leaf in Switzerland can be found

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