Quit Smoking Side Effects

Quit Smoking Side Effects

When you’re ready to stop smoking - you may be fearful of the side effects when you quit smoking.

However, not all of the quit smoking side effects are actually bad.

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Read along to understand what quit smoking side effects are, how some of the quit smoking side effects can actually benefit you, and how you can reduce the negative quit smoking side effects with the help of herbal cigarettes.


What Are Quit Smoking Side Effects?

When you stop smoking, the reduction in nicotine in your body sets off a cascade of side effects.

Since nicotine changes the chemical composition of your brain, your body is used to its effects and presence.

However, once you quit smoking - the side effects become apparent.

The peak of tobacco withdrawal occurs within 72-hours after your last cigarette, and during this time, you’ll experience a multitude of physical and mental issues.

Depression, insomnia, mood swings, chills, a loss in energy, irritability, and profound cravings for nicotine are what you can expect when you stop smoking.

However, once you’ve kicked out the nicotine from your body after 72-hours - you may begin to experience what is known as quit smoking side effects.


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The Good Quit Smoking Side Effects

Let’s start off with the good quit smoking side effects.

First, you’ll regain your ability to sleep once you stop smoking.

When you first stop smoking, one of the most prevalent withdrawal symptoms is insomnia.

However, a positive quit smoking side effect is that you will no longer experience insomnia.

The next good quit smoking side effect is that you will have an appetite.

Some say that the main quit smoking side effect is weight gain; however, this is far from the truth. Instead, you’ll have a normal and healthy appetite that will allow you to thrive.

Next, you’ll no longer be prone to mood swings.

While addicted to nicotine, your brain is wired differently, which makes you irritable - especially when you haven’t had a cigarette.

Therefore, a good quit smoking side effect is the fact that you’ll be more level-headed and less prone to mood swings.

The Bad Quit Smoking Side Effects

Overall, when you stop smoking, you’ll continue to want to smoke cigarettes.

The craving for nicotine takes a long time to go away, and this quit smoking side effect is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome.

Another bad quit smoking side effect is that you may develop a cough that lasts 1-3 weeks after you stop smoking.

At first, you may think you’re sick with the flu; however, it’s a sign that your body is adjusting and your lungs are flushing out harmful buildup.

How To Use Herbal Cigarettes To Reduce Bad Quit Smoking Side Effects

The worst side effect when you stop smoking is the nicotine cravings. It’s because of nicotine cravings that many people who stop smoking cigarettes actually relapse.

However, herbal cigarettes are useful tools for quitting cigarettes for good.

Herbal cigarettes are nicotine-free because they are made from beneficial herbs, such as damiana, chamomile, mint, and lavender.


Each of these herbs produces positive effects, such as relaxation, while dealing with nicotine cravings.

By relaxing your mind and body, you won’t be desperate for a nicotine fix.

By using herbal cigarettes, you’ll protect your body from relapsing back to nicotine-filled cigarettes.

Ultimately, herbal cigarettes harness the power of nature to fight the negative quit smoking side effects that occur once you stop smoking.

If you’re ready to live a nicotine-free life - then herbal cigarettes are for you.

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