Nicotine Shots- the thruth about nicotine alternatives

Nicotine Shots- the thruth about nicotine alternatives

 Nicotine shots are popular nicotine additives that are meant to help users stop smoking - or are they?

Considering the fact that nicotine shots are filled with pure nicotine - one can only imagine how nicotine shots can be used to turn a normal e-juice into a nicotine-filled rocketship.

 Read along to understand what nicotine shots are used for, if nicotine shots help users stop smoking, and how nicotine-free tobacco offer a better alternative to nicotine shots.

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  • Can You Stop Smoking With Nicotine Shots
  • A Better Alternative to Nicotine Shots

    What are Nicotine Shots Used For?

    Nicotine shots are e-liquids that are filled with pure nicotine.

    Nicotine shots are commonly sold in small, plastic bottles (usually 10mL) and are meant to be added to another e-liquid to create a custom nicotine strength.

    Overall, nicotine shots are blended with other e-liquids to be vaped with a vaporizer.

    Although vaporizers offer a better alternative to smoking, nicotine shots promote users to consume more nicotine.

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    Can You Stop Smoking With Nicotine Shots?

    Although you can stop smoking by transitioning to vaporizers or herbal cigaettes with the help of nicotine shots - you will remain addicted to nicotine.

    In other words, nicotine shots help you stop smoking traditional cigarettes, but they keep you locked into a continued struggle with nicotine addiction.

    Many nicotine shot brands claim that they actually help users stop smoking by allowing a custom amount of nicotine blend.

    However, many users add pure nicotine to e-liquids that already contain high levels of nicotine.

    By doing so, people that use nicotine shots effectively increase their exposure to nicotine.

    Overall, the end result is an increased addiction to nicotine with the help of nicotine shots. 

    The perils of nicotine addiction are extremely apparent once you actually try to quit smoking.

    Within an hour of your last cigarette or nicotine shot, your body will begin begging for a dose of nicotine.

    If this doesn’t sound like a pleasant time - you’re right.

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    A Better Alternative to Nicotine Shots

    When it comes to nicotine - there’s no alternative to addiction.

    The result is always addiction when it comes to nicotine-based products, such as nicotine shots.

    Regardless of the amount of nicotine - it will always fuel nicotine addiction.

    Thankfully there are better alternatives to nicotine shots if you’re ready to stop smoking.

    The answer lies in nicotine-free tobacco, which do not contain any nicotine.



    Nicotine-free tobacco that contain natural cannabis terpenes without the psychoactive effects that are associated with THC.

    Instead, nicotine-free tobbaco offer an abundance of relaxing properties that can calm the mind and body while detoxing the body of nicotine.

    By using a nicotine-free tobacco instead of a nicotine shot, you can break the bonds that have kept you addicted to nicotine for so long.

    When you’re ready to quit smoking, but you require a safety net while doing so, try a nicotine-free tobacco and say goodbye to nicotine forever.

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