nicotine patches for quitting smoking

Nicotine Patches

If you’re ready to stop smoking, then it’s likely that you’ve heard of nicotine patches.

However, there is more to nicotine patches than meets the eye, which is why we’re here to help you decide if nicotine patches are right for you in your quest to stop smoking.

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Read along to learn what nicotine patches are, how effective nicotine patches are in helping you to stop smoking, and how herbal cigarettes can replace nicotine patches.

What Are Nicotine Patches?

Nicotine patches are small adhesive patches that are placed directly on the skin.

Technically speaking, nicotine patches are transdermal, which means that they release a specific dose of nicotine that’s absorbed by the skin.

nicotine patches vs herbal cigarettes

In general, users have the option to choose nicotine doses or duration - such as 24-hour nicotine patches.

Nicotine patches dispense a small dose of nicotine throughout the day, which is meant to help you fight off the craving for a cigarette.

However, nicotine patches only delay the inevitable, which is your craving for nicotine.

The Effectiveness of Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches can be compared to a band-aid. Instead of going after the root problem (nicotine addiction), they actually prolong your addiction to nicotine.

Therefore, if you’re wondering how effective they are in helping you to stop smoking - the answer is that they are not as great as all the advertisements claim.

When you try to stop smoking, the fundamental issue that allows you to continue your cigarette smoking habits is nicotine.

Therefore, taking smaller and controlled doses of nicotine won’t cure you of your nicotine addiction.

Although you may stop smoking, which is harmful to your lungs, you will still crave nicotine patches.


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stop smoking with nicotine patches

In most cases, even if you stop smoking - you might actually become addicted to nicotine patches.

With that in mind - is there any other option besides nicotine patches that will help you stop smoking for good?

How Herbal Cigarettes are Better Than Nicotine Patches

Simply put, herbal cigarettes are a much better alternative to nicotine patches.

The primary reason behind this is because herbal cigarettes are made from natural herbs that do not contain nicotine.

As you smoke herbal cigarettes, your body will be allowed to detox itself from nicotine over the course of 72-hours while experiencing the relaxing or stimulating effects of natural herbs.

Natural herbs, such as chamomile and lavender, provide your body with a relaxing sensation that eases the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

The best part of herbal cigarettes is that they don’t prolong or fuel any form of nicotine addiction.

Since they do not contain nicotine, you’ll be free from the smoking habit for good once you’ve flushed all the nicotine from your body.

Ultimately, nicotine patches only prolong nicotine addiction.

Herbal cigarettes allow you to take back your life, and once you’re free from nicotine, you can quit smoking herbal cigarettes too.

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