Herbal Cigarettes - The Ultimate Answer For Nicotine Alternatives

Herbal Cigarettes - The Ultimate Answer For Nicotine Alternatives

Smoking Tobacco Versus A Herbal tobacco – Get the Facts

Ever wonder how much nicotine is consumed by smoking just one measly little cigarette?

How exactly is nicotine broken down?

What about other stimulants and substances that are added to smoking tobacco?

How much damage do we cause to our bodies with just one little cigarette?

Really, how bad could just one cigarette possibly be for you?

If you're curious or actually asking yourself any of the above questions, then you must have at least considered smoking cessation, or you are already looking for ways to make the withdrawal process less challenging and taxing.

We’ve got you covered with a little insider investigation on the effects of nicotine addiction that come with smoking tobacco, and a parallel look at the undoubtedly safer solution to smoking.

Herbal cigarettes made of selected smokable herbs that can ease the pain of nicotine withdrawal – one green, nicotine-free cigarette at a time.

A Few Facts About Smoking: Nicotine In Cigarettes – The Addiction & Side Effects

With in-depth research, we discovered that the amount of tobacco in each cigarette ranges from approximately 8 mg to 20 mg depending on the brand.

Several sources indicate that the average amount of nicotine per cigarette is roughly 12 mg – multiply that by however many cigarettes you’re smoking in a day, and the numbers add up, along with the collective harm that addictive nicotine and other chemical additives in today’s smoking tobacco contain.

How does nicotine impact our health and ability to function, and what’s leading you to reach for just one more cigarette – over and over again?

Research shows that nicotine is not only highly addictive but that it can be even equally as addictive as heroin & cocaine, if not more, as it triggers the body’s release of dopamine that generates a sense of high, comfort, and mental well-being.

Without nicotine, the body craves that level of pleasure, with anxiety, stress, or depression as common side effects of nicotine withdrawal that often come with smoking cessation.

Regular smokers often develop a dependency on tobacco to the extent that their focus is hindered without their standard dosage of nicotine daily, leading most smokers to reach for yet another puff under high pressure or emotionally-charged circumstances.

An article published in October of 2018 also indicates that the FDA is now working towards getting approval for the implementation of new rules that would reduce the nicotine levels in tobacco.

The difficulty lays in the FDA acquiring the green light to move forward; just imagine how lower addiction rates would affect tobacco sales worldwide!

Investigating the Differences: Tobacco vs Herbal Cigarettes - Green, Cleaner & Even Therapeutic

The bottom line is that nicotine is addictive and so are the other toxic chemicals that accompany it in tobacco.

The benefits of herbal cigarettes made of tobacco alternatives when compared to the dangerous side effects of smoking tobacco that have become increasingly transparent and accessible to the public.

More and more tobacco smokers are moving to herbal cigarettes made of tobacco alternatives, like REAL LEAF medicinal blend of herbs and plants. Here’s why:

Alleviate the aches & pains of quitting smoking with no nicotine, leaving a minimal opportunity for prolonged and continued addiction, despite the reduction of frequency or volume of smoking. V X
Helps reduce cravings and relapses that often prevent smokers from quitting for good. V X
Gain a cleaner & greener buzz from cannabis smoking with its positive effects enhanced by terpenes, entirely nicotine-free. V



Herbal cigarettes have the ability to simplify smoking cessation while enhancing the benefits of specific strains of cannabis with naturally-derived terpenes, it’s no wonder REAL LEAF was voted the #1 tobacco alternative of 2017.

As smokers become increasingly aware and health-conscious with medical research and developments, REAL LEAF continues to be a favorite amongst mindful smokers, those looking to quit or anyone already in the process around the world.


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