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Smoking and Coronavirus

 As we all know - the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has sparked a global epidemic that accompanies us throughout 2020.

COVID-19, a flu-like virus, has brought financial institutions to their knees and brought the buzz of cities across the globe to a virtual standstill.

Quit smoking to reduce coronavirus risk

People of all ages with severe underlying health conditions seem to be at higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness

So far, daily routines have been steadily decreasing because of the global outbreak; however, what about small enjoyments such as herbal cigarettes?

Read along to understand what it means to smoke herbal blends? 

Why tobacco-based cigarettes are incredibly dangerous?

And how herbal blends can help you stop smoking and by that support your body’s immune system in the face of Coronavirus.

What About Smoking Tobacco and Coronavirus?

When it comes to bad ideas - it's possible that the worst idea is continuing your tobacco addiction during a global pandemic

Especially, when this pandemic is a respiratory infecting virus.

The primary reason why it’s so dangerous to smoke nicotine-based cigarettes is that they promote addiction.

The more you’re forced to smoke through the addiction - the more your overall immune system decreases.

This is why it’s essential to quit smoking cigarettes, and why herbal blends and herbal cigarettes are an excellent method to curb your nicotine addiction.

Since herbal cigarettes, such as those from Real Leaf, are nicotine-free - then you won’t fall into the vicious cycle of addiction.


Corona virus smoking

Herbal Blends - Smoke smarter during Corona times

Alternatively to tobacco, herbal blends contain a wide variety of beneficial herbs. Damiana, lavender, mint, and more, are all helpful in a multitude of ways.

Whether you need to calm down due to increased stress, or you want to assist your lung capacity - herbal cigarettes may prove to be supportive.

Real Leaf is the leading herbal blend manufacturer that uses the highest quality herbs in their blends.

Quit smoking to reduce coronavirus risk

COVID-19 isn’t just making people sick - it’s also making people incredibly stressed and scared.

The news is continuously negative, and many people who aren’t even sick are beginning to panic.

14 days program to stop smoking

This is why it’s a great time to incorporate an herbal blend that contains relaxing herbs that can help you stop smoking, such as lavender.

Smoking Lavender is incredibly calming, and there’s no better time than now to consume herbal cigarettes that contain this therapeutic herb.

  • High stress is linked to a weakened immune system, which means an increased likelihood that your body is more susceptible to the novel Coronavirus.
  • By relaxing your body and allowing it to decrease stress levels - your overall immune system will benefit.
  • Although there’s no study that says lavender can directly fight the novel Coronavirus - it can indirectly assist your body by boosting the immune system through heightened rest. 
  • Thanks to herbs as Lavender your body cleanse itself from the addictive nicotine meanwhile and by that, you get one step closer to the free life of smoking.

Another significant herb that can assist with the Coronavirus is mint.

  • Mint is a refreshing herb that’s known to increase lung capacity, calm the nerves, and is even antiviral.
  • If there’s one herb that you should be looking at - it should be mint.
  • Smoking mint allows for all of these benefits, and in light of the Coronavirus, its antiviral capabilities are yet to be seen.
  • Mint very well-known for its soothing and relieving effect is the best Ayurveda medicine for respiratory problems
  • However, there’s no doubt that smoking mint can assist the lungs.
  • Furthermore, it’s important to remember that the novel Coronavirus affects the respiratory system primarily.

Moreover herbal blends aloud you to clean your blood system from the addictive nicotine. that is the first step to stop smoking.

14 days program to stop smoking

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    Coronavirus gave us a good reminder that our body gets infected easily, and cigarettes put us in the high-risk groups. Help yourself today!

    If you’re ready to enjoy the many beneficial qualities that herbal cigarettes possess and consider the first step to life without smoking, then look no further than Real Leaf.

    Visit our Instagram page and discover more about the blends that can blend your life.

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