Clove Cigarettes - When burning cloves meeting the natural herbs

Clove Cigarettes - When burning cloves meeting the natural herbs

Clove cigarettes, also known as kreteks and black cigarettes, were originally produced in Indonesia. These cigarettes aren’t just filled with cloves, but tobacco as well.

Clove cigarettes are a unique product in the world of cigarettes due to their ability to allow smokers to inhale deeply with each puff. Read along to understand the benefits of cloves, and how they are being used in non-tobacco alternative cigarettes.
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What are Clove Cigarettes?

Clove cigarettes were first invented by Haji Jamhari in the 1800s. Jamhari suffered from asthma and sought a remedy to reduce his symptoms. At first, he used clove oil - which provided a great deal of relief to his lungs. Eventually, he began experimenting with smoking cloves.

After a few attempts, he began mixing cloves with tobacco.

The question is - why was smoking cloves within a tobacco cigarette relieving asthmatic symptoms. It was found that cloves contain eugenol, which is a compound that’s responsible for cloves’ unique aroma. Additionally, eugenol has been found to have antiseptic, antioxidant, and anesthetic properties, which help numb the throat.

Modern-day clove cigarettes contain roughly 60% tobacco, with the remainder consisting of clove buds and resin. It’s even possible to find clove cigars, which have also gained in popularity.

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Are Cloves Cigarettes Bad For You?

When mixed with tobacco, clove cigarettes are harmful to your health. The reason is that the same toxins that cause cancer from nicotine are present in clove cigarettes that contain tobacco.

Researchers have found that the eugenol numbs your throat, causing you to take larger drags of tobacco cigarettes that contain cloves. This, in effect, causes an even larger problem when consuming clove cigarettes that contain tobacco.

When smoking a flavored clove cigarette, the eugenol makes the upper airways of a smoker's lungs numb, allowing the smoker to inhale very dense cigarette smoke into the deepest part of their lungs.

So far, the United States banned cloves cigarettes that contain tobacco since 2009 under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. This is because clove cigarettes that contain tobacco allow users to take larger drags, which allows more nicotine into the system.

So, are clove cigarettes bad for you?

They are mainly detrimental to your health if you’re mixing tobacco with cloves.

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What’s Inside A Clove Cigarette?

Clove cigarettes come principally from Indonesia. They comprise of shredded cloves, resin, and tobacco. In general, the tobacco that’s used in Indonesia contains double the amount of harmful toxins than tobacco found in the USA
On average, a person smoking cloves inhales roughly 7mg of eugenol per cigarette.

Other Uses of Cloves

Cloves are an incredibly popular spice used in cuisines throughout the world. African, Middle Eastern, and Asian cuisine are known for their high usage of cloves. Cloves have also been extensively used as a flavoring agent of drinks. Cloves are also a popular spice for the holiday season, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Benefits of Cloves

Cloves have shown promise in alleviating inflammation of the respiratory system. This is because of the potent compound eugenol, which is the primary property that made clove cigarettes famous.

Additionally, cloves have been found to fight against free-radicals that cause oxidative damage. Cloves are naturally antibacterial because eugenol is an antiseptic. Many cultures chew on cloves because of this property, and it’s believed that chewing cloves promotes oral health.

Additionally, cloves are known to battle against liver cirrhosis.

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Real Leaf’s Alternative Clove and Herbal Cigarette

Cloves contain many benefits, and luckily, there is a way to enjoy clove cigarettes.

Real Leaf created an incredible alternative to traditional clove cigarettes by infusing their herbal blends with cloves.

Instead of tobacco, you’ll smoke herbs along with cloves, to enjoy a refreshing taste that you’ve never experienced before. This product is 100% natural and will never contain tobacco or nicotine.

With Real Leaf’s herbal blend with cloves, you too can benefit from eugenol’s properties. 

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