Everything You Need to Know About Weed Grinders

Everything You Need to Know About Weed Grinders

When it comes to rolling joints, blunts, spliffs, or breaking down cannabis buds into a bowl - you’ll need an effective weed grinder.

Many weed grinders are marketed to grind your weed efficiently, but many fail at producing the perfect grind.

Weed grinder
Many weed grinders are marketed to grind your weed efficiently, but many fail at producing the perfect grind

Join us as we take a look at all the factors that make up the best weed grinders available. 

Why Should You Use a Weed Grinder?

The number of use cases of weed grinders is astronomical.

However, let’s discuss the primary use cases that weed grinders are an absolute necessity for.

When you’re rolling a joint or a blunt, you’ll need a weed grinder.

The reason for this is because weed grinders break down weed buds down efficiently and evenly.

When weed is evenly ground, the joint or blunt can be rolled with ease.

Furthermore, evenly ground weed in blunts or joints burn smoothly.

When you break down weed by hand, the bits and pieces are not even, which leads to a joint that burns poorly.

By keeping all your weed even, you’ll never experience a poor burning joint (unless you haven’t mastered the art of rolling joints or blunts).

Another primary use case of owning the best grinder possible is the fact that they will save you time - lots of it.

Breaking down weed by hand takes a long time, whereas weed grinders accomplish the task in a matter of seconds.

Plastic grinder

A grinder, with its carefully positioned teeth, is designed to shred dry marijuana flower into an even consistency every

A few twists of the wrist and your cannabis bud is completely ready to be rolled.

Another beneficial aspect of weed grinders is the fact that they collect trichomes.

Many grinders don’t offer this function, and if you break weed down by hand, you’ll lose countless trichomes during the process.

Trichomes are where THC and all other cannabinoids reside; therefore, you want to save as much of it as possible.

When grinders grind cannabis, these small trichomes are knocked off.

However, when your weed grinder has a trichome catcher - this won’t be an issue.

Adding an extra dose of trichomes on top of your bowl will create an even more potent experience.

Where to Buy the Best Weed Grinder

If you’re looking for a tried and true weed grinder that’s up to the task of grinding weed 24/7, then look no further than Real Leaf’s weed grinder.

Metal grinder weed
Real Leaf’s Supreme Herb Grinder is the perfect choice for breaking down weed to the perfect size.

Blunts, spliffs, joints, and bowls will be properly loaded in a moment’s notice once you break out this weed grinder.

Even more, Real Leaf’s Supreme Herb Grinder utilizes a smell-proof drum that allows you to be discreet when you need to be.

It also means that it will keep your herbs and weed fresh because it won’t let anything escape - or enter.

When you need the help of a weed grinder, there’s no better product than Real Leaf’s weed grinder.

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