10 Stages To Kick Nicotine Out And Stop Smoking

10 Stages To Kick Nicotine Out And Stop Smoking

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Stop smoking, Start breathing 

Want to kick nicotine out?

Congratulations, you’ve decided to improve the quality of your life.

Now that you’ve taken one of the biggest steps - it’s time to prepare for specific aspects that go along with quitting your nicotine habit.

Let’s take a look at the 10 stages to prepare you for one of the biggest moments of your life - quitting your nicotine habit.

Admit Your Addiction In Nicotine

The most important step to take is admitting you have a nicotine addiction.

This is a hard task to take, but it’s the first step in understanding that you have a problem.

Once you understand the problem, you can take the necessary steps in quitting without any chance of relapse.

One of the difficult aspects of admitting your addiction to nicotine is a part of your body that desperately wants to continue the nicotine cycle.

You must overcome this aspect of yourself to steer your mind and body towards a successful attempt at quitting cigarettes.

kick nicotine out

Ask yourself, and be totally honest: Am I addicted to nicotine? Am I truly making a freely made choice when I smoke nicotine?


Pick a Quit Day

Unless you’re ready to go cold turkey, then you’ll want to pick a quilting day. This will help you become mentally and physically prepared for the withdrawal symptoms to come.

By doing so, you’re committing to going through with your plan. Commitment is one of the cornerstones of successfully implementing any goal.

stop smoking now by realleaf

Today just might be the day to start seriously thinking about nicotine-free life.

Surround Yourself With Motivational People

You should tell your friends and family that you’re going to quit smoking.

Your friends and family should ideally be non-smokers, but even if they are, they should be prepared to motivate you and encourage your actions.

You should never surround yourself with people who will attempt to convert you to cigarette smoking.

Allow Yourself Non-Nicotine Replacements

Herbal blends are smokable herbs that are nicotine-free.

These tobacco alternatives look and feel like traditional cigarettes, but are actually fake cigarettes.

These tobacco substitutes are excellent products to trick your mind without any nicotine.

Herbal smoking blends can aid you in your fight against nicotine addiction by allowing your mind and body to enjoy the ritual of smoking a fake cigarette.

Smokable herbal blends are rapidly gaining in popularity because they allow users to enjoy the effects of smoking.

Instead of going cold turkey, you’re able to slowly ween yourself off of nicotine and tobacco-based cigarettes.

A company that specializes in smokable herbal blends is Real Leaf, which has a wide variety of non-nicotine-based products.

This tobacco alternative is second to none when it comes to taking the giant leap of smoking cessation.

 smoking herbs by realleaf

Smoke nature, not chemicals

Prepare An Announcement About You Stop Smoking

Whether it’s to your colleagues, friends, or family - you should prepare an announcement to make your intentions clear.

By doing so, you are reinforcing your intentions to yourself, as well as everyone you know.

This will make it more difficult for you to relapse back to tobacco-based cigarettes.

Different things to different people, that's why you need to be sure you let friends and family know exactly how they can help (you can add things they should never do - don’t overdo it).

It’s important that you inform everyone that you are open to tobacco alternatives, such as herbal cigarettes.

Let everyone know that herbal cigarettes are nicotine-free, which will help you kick the habit for good.


Clean Environment From Nicotine– Clean Thoughts

As they say - a clean environment leads to clean thoughts.

Make sure you clean your house before you begin to quit cigarettes.

When you’re organized, you’re much more likely to stay focused on the task at hand.

As for your tobacco alternatives, you should only allow yourself to smoke herbal cigarettes outside to prevent your house from smelling like smoke.

keep going with no nicotine by realleaf

Help yourself with an herbal cigarette, reduce the nicotine out, keep going.


You Are The Reason Why You Should Stop Smoking

Make a list of all the reasons you want to quit nicotine this is genuinely important.

But don’t forget You are the reason you’re quitting tobacco.

It’s for your health and no one else’s - so always remember that it's your decision.

Once you’ve drilled this into your mind, you’ll have a higher likelihood to quit smoking tobacco with the help of smokable herbs or without. 

dont give up dont smoke by realleaf

Make it easier: you can begin with mixing your herbal cigarettes box 50%-50% with tobacco cigarettes, just lucky strike yourself


Stay Positive- Kick Out The Nicotine 

Staying positive about your intentions to quit your nicotine addiction is vital to success.

By allowing yourself to indulge in herbal cigarettes, you’re more likely to stay positive during the entire process.

It’s crucial that you stray from negative thoughts during the duration of the time it takes you to kick nicotine out of your life.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether it’s through a healthy diet or exercise routine, it’s essential that you improve the overall health of your body to battle withdrawal symptoms and keep your mind from craving nicotine.

You can enjoy a healthy lifestyle even while using herbal cigarettes, but it’s important that you stay active during this time.

Be Happy With Nicotine Free Life

Ultimately, you should be proud of your decision to quit your nicotine addiction.

This is a major hurdle that you’re clearing for your life- and it’ll only lead to positivity.

Read more about how herbs can help you stop smoking, and reduce the craving. 

By reducing your withdrawal symptoms by using a tobacco alternative, such as herbal cigarettes, you’ll be equipped to fight past your nicotine addiction with relative ease.

As long as you’re mentally dedicated, nothing can stop you now!


You should be proud of every free nicotine passing day. Plan out your milestones ahead of time and set up a nicotine-free reward for each one.

For any question or help you may contact us via ReaLeafInstagram or just live a message on the website, we will be glad to hear from you  


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