Terpenes and terpenoids- the difference in the effects

Have you ever wondered why marijuana is sometimes spelled marihuana?

If you’re interested in the history of cannabis, then read along to find out why cannabis is called marihuana and if it contains THC, terpenes, and other properties that cannabis enthusiasts have come to know and love.

What are cannabis derived terpenes?

Do you know that plants have terpenes? In fact, even insects have them.

I know you want to know if cannabis plants have terpenes?

Literally, all plants have terpenes and so do cannabis.

Terpenes are the compound that gives the cannabis plant its distinct aroma.

Terpenes enhance the smoking experience.

Terpenes are present in all plant-derived products like beer, fruits and even in perfumes.

The cannabis terpenes are derived from Cannabis.

Due to the popularity and widespread use of terpenes, it has caught up to the reputation of medicinal benefits.

A number of people have noticed a significant change in their mental and physical health by consuming terpenes.

Well, as you know, this can differ from person to person.

Cannabis terpenes can bring out physiological changes due to the response of the body to the aromatic experience.

The aroma can have different effects on the animals too.

Let us take cannabis flower, for example, the terpenes present in cannabis flower are pest repellant.

These terpenes support the plant in attracting food and by compromising parasite attack.

Cannabis terpenes have naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins as they are pulled directly from the mother earth.

Unlike, synthetic terpenes, cannabis terpenes are all-natural.

Myrcene, Pinene, and limonene are naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis.

What are terpenoids?

Unlike terpenes, terpenoids are derived from terpenes. Terpenoids are naturally occurring organic chemicals present in terpenes.

Terpenoids have a number of medicinal properties.

Anticancer, antiparasitic, antifungal, antihyperglycemic to name a few.

Along with all these properties terpenoids are also antimicrobial, antiviral, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

With the number of medicinal benefits terpenoids has, it is best to use the naturally occurring ones as they are pure and have enhanced effects.

List of the best terpenes

Once you start looking for terpenes, you will find that there is a wide spectrum of terpenes present in the plant kingdom.

Here are some of the terpenes that you will mostly come across:

Limonene terpene: A fruity and citrusy terpene mainly found in citrus foods used for relaxation and stress relief.

Limonene terpene is extracted from the peels citrus fruits like lemon and oranges, is a commonly used ingredient in every household.

It is commonly used in cosmetics, cleaning and bathing products.

It is even used in foods like candies, desserts and sodas.

Linalool terpene: A terpene found in a variety of spice, plants and flowers. Linalool is commonly found in lavender.

It is due to the linalool terpenoids that some of the plants have that specific spicy aroma. Linalool is used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety in severe cases.

Myrcene terpene: one of the most common terpenes.

More than 50% of mango kush strain contains Myrcene terpene. It is the most common terpene allowing cannabinoids to pass through the bloodstream allowing them to reach the required receptors. It is present in basil, menthol, and of course in mango.


Smoking Marihuana with added terpenes- the entourage effect

Now that marihuana is acceptable and even legal in some countries, you can add herbal blends to your marijuana and enjoy a pure herbal smoke.

By doing so, you can enhance the overall effects, aroma, and flavor profile.

In other words, smoking marijuana and herbal blends is a match made in heaven.

Terpenes and terpenoids cause an entourage effect that enhances the elevated feeling you get when you smoke cannabis.

With CBD and THC working together with cannabis and terpenes the effect multiplies and you can have a blissful session.

How terpenes Can Boost The Flavor and Effects of Marihuana?

If you want to bump up the flavor profile and potency of your marihuana, then there’s no better choice than adding cannabis terpenes or herbal blends to the mix.

Real Leaf’s Cannabis Terpenes and Herbal Blends are ideally suited to be mixed with marihuana.

Terpenes are natural compounds that are found in all plants, which are responsible for a plant’s flavor and aroma.

Furthermore, terpenes have been found to direct cannabinoids to cannabinoid receptors within the body, which makes terpene enriched herbal blends a powerful combination when smoking marijuana.

Cannabis terpenes and herbal blends are natural and don’t contain any nicotine, which empowers you to boost your experience while enjoying marihuana.

Cannabis terpenes can be combined with a wide spectrum of products for enhancing your smoking experience.

You can smoke a mixture of cannabis and flavored terpene by using a terpene spray in your blend. These terpene sprays come in several flavors and are easy to use.

Alternatively, if you roll your joint by yourself, you can get a rolling paper infused with terpene.

If mixing terpenes seems like a task to you, it is advisable to go for the easier method- rolling paper infused with terpene.

You can even get herbal tobacco with terpenes.

The terpenes are already mixed in the herbal tobacco.

If you prefer using a smoking pipe and want to skip mixing your terpenes with the herbal blends.

Herbal tobacco mixed with terpenes is a no-hassle solution. You directly fill in your terpenes herbal tobacco in the smoking pipe.

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