Best Smoking Alternatives

Best Smoking Alternatives

When we talk about smoking alternatives, there are a number of options that are healthier and safer to switch to instead of smoking tobacco filled cigarettes.

A lot of people argue that smoking is still smoking but the context really changes for the person who is addicted.

The person who is addicted need to slowly and gradually get rid of the natural course that the body is used to.

It is not a one day process.

For some it takes days and for some it takes weeks.

vape smoking alternative

Is vaping a safe alternative to smoking? Read and discover


You must have seen several alternatives to smoking on television and heard about it through friends or colleagues.

Here, we will discuss several alternatives to smoking tobacco.

Smoking Alternatives

If you’re looking for a smoking alternative, then you’ll find the answer from the most popular smoking alternative products - vapes.

Most smoking alternative vapes contain nicotine, which is potentially more addictive than traditional cigarettes.

Are vapes a safe smoking option?

We will discuss this in detail further.

Meanwhile, let’s look at other safe smoking alternatives.

You will come across several blogs that talk about herbal smoking blends.

Herbal smoking blends are a great alternative to tobacco.

The variety of flavors it offers and the benefits these flavors have are unmatched by any other healthy alternative to smoking.

You can get mint, mango, damiana flavors in herbal blends that are a smoking alternative.

Herbal blends promote safe smoking.

When you smoke herbal blends you are actually indulging in a nicotine-free smoking alternative.

These herbal blends are a great healthy alternative to smoking.

smoking herbs as cigarette alternative

Want to know what herbs can you smoke? Click to an article about top 5 herbal tobacco mixes 


You must have heard about cannabis terpenes.

These are flavored terpenes which can be mixed with cannabis or herbal blends to elevate your smoking experience.

These terpenes are a safe smoking alternative and also nicotine-free smoking alternatives.

Read along to understand how vape, cannabis terpenes, and herbal blends became the smoking alternative, and how nicotine-free vape is the best safe smoking alternative on the market.


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Safe Smoking Alternative Herbs

Herbal blends do not have tobacco which in term means that they lack nicotine.

As you all know that nicotine is responsible to say the least for your addiction to smoking tobacco.

Herbal blends are made out of a number of herbs.

These herbs can be singled out to make your safe smoking alternative- herbal blends.

A mix of herbs dried out can also be an alternative to cigarette smoking.

These herbal blends will have the advantages of the herbs that you pick up for smoking.

There is a wide spectrum of herbs that you can choose from.

Every herb will have a different benefit.

One herb can help with your anxiety while the other can make you active.

So, it depends on the herbs that you choose as a healthy alternative to smoking.

Let us take lavender for example when you use lavender for your herbal blends.

You will feel that your body is calm and relaxed which are the effects of the lavender plant used in any form.

stop smoking cigarettes use alternatives

This is exactly the right time to throw your cigarettes away, and arrange some smokable herbs as an alternative


This smoking alternative will smell and taste like lavender.

When you use damiana herbal blends for a nicotine-free smoking alternative.

You will notice that it helps with headaches, stomach problems, and even depression.

The benefit of smoking the herbs matches with the herb used in any form.

In fact, smoking damiana can be an aphrodisiac.

Smoking Alternatives: Vapes\ E-Cigarettes

The first type of vaporizer that became “the” smoking alternative was the e-cigarette.

The e-cigarette was first mass-produced in 2003, and only later gained popularity as more users transitioned from safe smoking to vaping.

It was during this time that vape companies began offering flavored vape products, such as e-liquids that contain large amounts of nicotine.

Now, brands such as Juul have become a massive force in the vaping industry - thanks to their young and underage audience that’s drawn to their flavorful smoking alternative vapes.

However, the problem with smoking alternative vapes is the clear fact that they are substituting one positive for a negative.

By reducing the harmful carcinogens that occur from smoking, nicotine-based vape companies, such as Juul, place significant amounts of nicotine into their products.

The end result is a smoking alternative that still creates nicotine addiction.

Although vapes do less damage to the lungs - nicotine addiction is incredibly dangerous to your overall health.

Is Vaping a Safe Alternative to Smoking?

Mentioning the presence of nicotine in vapes is a dicey turn.

As, on one hand we say it’s a safe smoking alternative.

On the other, we say it has nicotine. Let us clear out the confusion.

When we talk about carcinogens, we are saying that vape eradicates the problem of tar accumulation in the body.

vaping health risks

Smoking anything can cause harm to your health, try to reduce smoking, and the best solution to stop smoking at all


Carcinogens cause several types of cancer.

But the problem of nicotine addiction still surfaces as vape manufacturers replace carcinogenic elements with nicotine.

Although, there is a solution.

You can go for nicotine-free vape.

This kind of vape is a safe smoking alternative. Or as we call it Nicotine-free smoking alternative.

The nicotine-free smoking alternative is the solution to both the problems.

It is neither carcinogenic nor addictive.

Therefore a good alternative for cigarette smoking.

The Best Smoking Alternative Vape Without Nicotine

If you’re looking for a nicotine-free vape that tastes incredible and produces enjoyable effects - then nicotine-free vapes enriched with natural cannabis terpenes is your best option.

Nicotine-free vapes do not contain nicotine, which means you’ll avoid nicotine addiction entirely.

By using a smoking alternative vape that is nicotine-free and contains natural cannabis terpenes - you’ll find an experience that’s unrivaled by any nicotine-based vape.

What Are The Benefits of Nicotine-Free Vapes and Cannabis Terpenes?

Nicotine-Free Vapes that incorporate cannabis terpenes are beneficial for a multitude of reasons.

The first being the fact that nicotine-free vapes with cannabis terpenes do not produce the “high” effect, but rather produce feelings of relaxation, stimulation, and awareness.

Since terpenes are organic compounds (essential oils), they offer an incredibly flavorful taste.

In the case of cannabis terpenes, you can expect top-shelf flavors, such as OG Kush, Mango Kush, and Pineapple Express.

Lastly, by using nicotine-free vapes with cannabis terpenes, you can also enhance your cannabis experience.

Terpenes are well known to “direct” cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD to the endocannabinoid system.

Ultimately, nicotine-free vapes with cannabis terpenes do not contain nicotine.

This means that they will never produce a nicotine addiction.

By finding the best nicotine-free vape with natural cannabis terpenes, you can enjoy a true smoking alternative vape that is nicotine-free.

smoking terpenes as cigarette alternative

linalool terpene is commonly found in lavender herbs , as well as in few cannabis strains



The best safe smoking alternatives are vape without nicotine, cannabis terpenes, herbal blends.

They not only help in enhancing your safe smoking experience but also have multiple benefits.

They save you from nicotine-addiction and developing tar accumulation.

Terpenes used for smoking are organic compounds, so no need to worry about putting something synthetic in your body.

The relaxation, calmness that you get after switching to these nicotine-free smoking alternatives is unmatched.

And you are not compromising on any enhanced effects that you feel with nicotine.

In fact, it is a safe alternative to get rid of smoking addiction.

We suggest you switch to nicotine-free smoking to have a blissful and safe smoking experience.

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