About RealLeaf

When it comes to cannabis, the flower is the hero. The more we studied tobacco substitute, the more we realized that the art of herbal smoking blends does not end in decent smokable herbs blends. Equipped with the latest knowledge in the field of herbal smoking terpenes and their cannabis-related effects, we have developed novel herbal smoking blends, enriched with terpenes that enhance the cannabis experience, and also offer a unique smoking experience on their own. ​You're welcome to order your herbal smoking terpenes blend sample kit!


Common Uses

Still blending chemically-loaded tobacco with your cannabis?

Smoking cannabis with herbal smoking blends infused with terpenes offers better transmission of THC and CBD and improves cellular absorption of these cannabinoids. Whether you’re a spliff, joint or blunt kind of person - ​it’s probably second nature for you to combine tobacco and cannabis or even to smoke it pure. With RealLeaf herbal tobacco made of selected smokable herbs you can enjoy an uplifting smoking experience, while avoiding the negative side-effects of mixing tobacco in your joint.


Nicotine free vape enriched with cannabis terpenes for a cleaner and better cannabis smoking experience

When you're take into account that regular tobacco cigarettes contain 7000 chemicals, many of which are toxic, vaping sounds like a good idea. Taking the nicotine out and adding terpenes will make it even better! Terpenes are cannabis-derived aroma and flavor molecules which optimize the absorption of cannabinoids in your body. Every vape you take will boost the THC and other cannabinoid levels in your bloodstream, and thus their availability to cannabinoid receptors in your body. Enhance your cannabis smoking experience now!


Quit smoking with herbal cigarettes 100% nicotine free

The addiction process consists of two main components: the addiction to nicotine. and the addiction to the habbit exist in smoking Knowing that 72 hours is the average time it takes for nicotine to leave the bloodstream. Herbal cigaretts becoming gigantic fighter to the habit addiction. From the moment you make the decision to rid yourself of nicotine cigarettes and upgrade to nicotine-free herbal cigarettes, you will embark upon a detoxification process. Within weeks, you will experience your ability to live in a smoke-less world, without spending large sums on workshops, pills, or hypnosis. Herbal cigarettes are the easiest, cheapest, and most readily available solution for kicking the nicotine habit.


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    Marshmallow leaf smoke

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    How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

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    10 Stages To Kick Nicotine Out

    Want to kick nicotine out? Congratulations, you’ve decided to improve the quality of your life. Ask yourself, and be totally honest: Am I addicted to nicotine? Am I truly making a freely made choice when I smoke nicotine? There is a choice , if you gotta smoke , smoke smart. Herbal blends can aid you in your fight against nicotine addiction.

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